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What are my odds for success with the ladies?

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Old 1st February 2002, 12:03
stigharaldsson stigharaldsson is offline
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I'm a 19-year old guy from Sweden. I've heard alot about the Ukrainian women, I've also been involved in some contact-services over the net. It seems the Ukrainian women are crazy about foreginers.

I'm planning on going to Kiev to check out if things are as great as they seem. I'm tall, blond and I guess I'm not too ugly then again not too good looking.

Do you think my odds will be good? Going around clothingstores etc. asking the attendants out for dates (usually how I do when I'm abroad). Will women take the initiative themselves? Am I too young for the type of women that are interested in foreginers to approach me? Personally I don't care too much about age.

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Old 1st February 2002, 13:49
Steven Steven is offline
Join Date: Mar 2001
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Red face

I honestly do not know why these types of letters continue to be posted. Surely there is enough reading material on the discussion boards already. It is strange to read of people's impressions that all these Ukrainian ladies love foreigners.
Just like most places in the world, they like the men that treat them right, with respect and dignity, which I have heard is sometimes lacking amongst the local guys. Sure there are a number of ladies that, due to their economic situation and future prospects, look to find a rich guy from abroad that they can use. But that comes down to use and not love.
Another thing that seems to jump out of this letter is letter is your impression that they are all easy pick-ups.
Are you such a loser in your own country that you need to go abroad to score??? Most of the ladies are also real, normal and decent people with real emotions, dreams and most often looking for a bit of substance in a relationship. They are not only wanting to bunk up with any sailor that tries to put their ship to port along their shores. I assume that by your "I don't care too much about their age" you are only after one thing.
Why not just stay at home and spend the cash you would have used on the holiday on the local brothels. That way, with your attitude, you'll probably "score" a lot more. Better still, go abroad, do your thing, and get back as good as you give... you'll deserve it too.
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Old 1st February 2002, 15:07
stigharaldsson stigharaldsson is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 43

This is my first day here, and I looked for material to answer my question before I asked it. Didn't find any.

I see your points and they are valid to some extent.

Yeah it is hard to find dates in my own country. For an ethnic non-exotic Swedish guy of 19 years with a very limited social life it's pretty darn hard to find a girlfriend. Especially if you have some standards. So I prefer to go abroad. What's wrong with that? Does that bother you somehow? For me it's easier to score when I'm outside of Sweden. It doesn't matter much if it's Japan, Brazil or Spain.

I guess you'd be an idiot as a guy if you had the resources to go to a country where the women loved you because you're exotic or considered rich, but won't just because of moral. I wish I could join you in your moral crusade and get some insight to that upper world of yours, but I'm sorry, I have a life to live.

I've never had sex with a prostitute and hopefully never will.

And I'm sorry about that last part of your post. Didn't quite get it :"and get back as good as you give"?
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Old 3rd February 2002, 14:01
johncullen johncullen is offline
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Hey Swede, Steven here is actually giving you some advice, harsh advice but still nonethelesss good advice. so why don't you take it ? but don't take it too much to heart. What he means by 'getting as good as you give' is, I imagine if you use the girl, then she ought to use you, or something like that. At nineteen and having difficulties in making female friends is not nice. why not ask the ladies on these boards about this and ask their views. I'm afraid Sweden and the culture there is not noted for its friendliness. So why not select out some nearby country that is especially noted for its friendliness and go on holiday there, not though to meet its female population per se, but to have a good time, and if you come across a girl who shows some interest in you then take it from there.
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Old 3rd February 2002, 18:05
stigharaldsson stigharaldsson is offline
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 43

I noted Steven gave me some nice advice about prostitutes. I'm afraid that's not my cup of tea.

I realize alot of the women that I date would try to take use of me. But that's just part of the game. I certainly don't mind, but I know it's a bit unfair. Since I'm likely to get what I want and she only has a small chance of achieving her objects. But she will know about this when she enters the relation. It's a gamble for her. If she would want me only for my money, it's not like she would have the purest of intentions either.

And I haven't heard about Sweden being infamous for having unfriendly people. If anything I heard that Swedes are considerd very polite and friendly. It's just that I haven't got the benefit of being exotic here. And it's not easy to pick up on women when you don't have any friends with you in the local disco or pub.

Of course I have tried less extreme countries like Spain and Italy. And I've had some success there. But it's no where near like going to Brazil or Peru. If I'm going to spend resources on a trip, why don't I do the best to get my money's worth?
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Old 4th February 2002, 01:22
ross01 ross01 is offline
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i don't think much of your chances mate - at 19 your are certainly too young for the majority of the women you will see or try to meet- they like the older man some up to 20 or more years older. Most are genuine too and most are very much looking for love and not one night stands etc which i seem to think you are looking for. I have corresponded with a ukranian lady for about 14 months and went to the ukraine to visit her and i found her a very intelligent, beautiful, affectionate and caring women and certainly very much a lady.

mate if your interested in meeting ukrainian woman treat them well like you would expect to be treated yourself.
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Old 4th February 2002, 03:32
CameoJoe CameoJoe is offline
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Go for it


You should go and see for yourself and not listen to the people who want to tell you how to live your life in these regards.
I have been and seen and will soon be in the CIS this month again. It's great and you should follow your own path with it.

Good Luck,

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