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Cotopaxi 28th December 2001 23:56


I have a few questions about Lugansk. I'm interested in a girl from Lugansk however, I'm not sure if she's for real or a scam (you hear stories!), I'd like to know the following:
1. Does the following address seem correct (I have changed the real address to a fake one since it has offended an individual however the address-pattern remains the same):

Ukraine,T. Lugansk
Any street
Any House # , Any flat #

Second, I'd like to know in general how girls are in lugansk.

I appreciate any help.

[Edited by Cotopaxi on 29th December 2001 at 05:43]

Irinka 29th December 2001 03:25

You would disrespect someone and put their exact address on the internet? How disgusting!!!!!
If you are ever unsure, educate yourself about that city before insulting and endangering a person like that.
What do you think the countless search engines of the intentet are for?

Cotopaxi 29th December 2001 03:39

I didn't mean to disrespect anyone. I believe, this is what a discussion forum is so that like-minded people can share information. Anyways, I will remove the address (as I'm sure it's incomplete address anyways) since it has offended you that much!!

BTW, I did perform extensive search on internet before I decided to ask for a "live" human being's help.

Irinka 29th December 2001 05:56

I'm glad you have decided to remove this womans very personal info. I'm sure you wouldn't feel happy if someone posted your exact location on the internet, especially if you were a female, it is a huge security risk.
I will try to find the city map of Lugansk for you, maby you'll find something this way.
Did this woman give you her phone number, any other info?
There are specific websites that actually have names, photos, other specific info of individuals and groups that have been known to commit fraud (marriage agencies, introduction services).
I'll try to come up with some of those links for you.
In the mean time, call her personally, see if she could answer more of your questions by phone.

Cotopaxi 29th December 2001 18:39

Thanks, Irinka. I really appreciate your help!

Actually, I looked at the map of Lugansk on internet. I've seen some photos and stuff also. The girl gave me her phone number sometime ago so I called her and had a nice conversation with her but then she started sending me loving emails so I told her that I'm looking for an honest girl and appearance is secondary to me. I also told her it's hard to believe anyone who sends such loving emails without even seeing the person. She stopped talking to me for about three weeks and told me that she was honest with me and wonders why I didn't believe her and now she's going to village to see her granny. I felt bad about making her upset so I apologized and sent her like 10 emails and called her so many times but there was no answer. A few times, a guy picked-up the phone and hung-up (mainly due to language problem)

I sent her a final email wishing her the best and regretting my loss and then after a few days, she replied!....she told me that she was sick and also that her phone was not working due to non-payment and now she has a new number so I called her at the new number and things went back to normal. These days, she's sending me extremely loving emails which creates doubts in my mind. Also, I checked out a black list of agencies and russian/ukrainian girls on internet and I found out that Lugansk is full of scam girls. I've offered this girl to send her anything she wants from here (just to evaluate her honesty), she hasn't asked for anything yet.

I really like this girl but I don't wanna be blind like lots of other people who have been scammed unfortunately. I know once I have established trust in her, all this investigation will be behind me.

Sorry for such a lenghty note. I think what I want to do is compare her new phone number against her home address in white pages to verify the information she has provided so far and I couldn't find any white pages of Lugansk on the net.

Thanks for your help, friend.

Version32 30th December 2001 06:39

Hi Cotopaxi
I've been writing and talking to a lady from Lugansk. I am also planning a trip to visit. If you would like some information, please send me an email at



Cotopaxi 30th December 2001 19:39

Thanks, Ken. I'll send you an email sometime today.

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