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Old 18th January 2002, 23:47
mindmaster mindmaster is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Jan 2002
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Very Interesting

I really appreciate this advice. I am beginning to think that the best method might be for me to move there for a month or two, rent an apartment (at a reasonable rate), and see who I meet that way. I'm sure there are scams that way too, but at least I can see first hand who I'm talking to and have more to go on.

Can you give me advice regarding the cost of an apartment that has good security and phone connection that I can use to connect my computer to the Internet? I use AT&T so they probably have an ISP in Ukraine - if not I'll find one that does. Since my business is on-line I can stay as long as I want. It would be a nice break, and a good way to meet someone, so long as I can stay connected to the net and not worry about theft.

Also, just wondering what percentage of the population speaks some English?
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Old 19th January 2002, 11:59
Jasperthecat Jasperthecat is offline
Join Date: Nov 2001
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Cool ISPs & Ukraine

Hello again Mr Mindmaster, I almost laughed when I read of $75 per night for an appartment/hotel in Lugansk. I met a guy from New Zealand who was meeting a girl there- he was staying (apparently) in one of the best hotels there and was paying $30 per night with everything thrown in- even his girlfriend commented on how expensive this was and there were much cheaper reasonable hotels available. Regarding ISPs, my friend I am writing to works for Ukrainian telecom (well UTEL which I think is part of it) and she deals with ISDN and internet clients. If you have any queries email me your questions (to avoid clugging up this thread) and I will ask her advice on this point- she may be able to help you. I think the advice to go there and see what happens is the best. I have no further intention of using translation/marriage agencies ever again! I am sure there may be reputable ones, you just never really know (unless perhaps someone you can trust there can recommend one). I wrote before that in my short visit, I found many people warm, helpful and friendly (if a little suspicious at first). I wish to return and actually see something of the country next time, after all, that is the whole adventure of going in the first place, and I am sure you will not be disappointed !
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Old 5th March 2002, 14:29
Mike_England Mike_England is offline
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Join Date: Mar 2002
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There may be scammers but you can find someone

Yes I was contacted on a dating website by a girl
from Lugansk and, boy, was I supsicious at first.

Anyway, to test the water I sent her a small amount of
cash (couple of hundred dollars for mobile phone & plane tickets to Poland where we planned to meet).

I figured I had nothing to lose. She seemed nice,
and well if I never heard from her again not too
much money lost.

Well anyway she felt so guilty about taking the money
(after I accused her of being a scammer) that she travelled
by train to Warsaw. A forty hour journey!

Now that almost convinced me she was genuine. Then I met
her and she was the most charming, lovely person I've
every met. We had the most wonderful weekend.

She has now applied for a visa to study in England
and we are planning a future together. Yes it can work!

I think the thing was, we didn't meet through one
of these agencies. She just logged on to the internet.
And if you're careful I think you can root out the scammers.
And it's worth it if you do, there are loads of lovely
girls over there, according to my girl (she's got
loads of single friends apparently)

Good luck!

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Old 15th March 2002, 21:20
Elena_Garrett Elena_Garrett is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 16
Information and background check in Russia, Ukraine and other repoblics

Hello evebody,

I am new here and I decided to join this forum when my Google search gave me the link to it. I was searching for any info about mail brides scams and people, who has been scammed by Russian or Ukrainian girls...

I am working on creating a site devoted to this problem only and I am working with professional detectives in Russia (and Ukraine) to be able to offer all kinds of investigation services for foreigners.

If anybody here ever was contacted by girl-scammer from Russia/Ukraine or been scammed or know something about it, I would really appreciate if they would contact me to tell me their story or what they know, it would help me in creating of my site.

I have been on Elena Petrova's site "Russian Brides Syber Guide" and even had a chance to talk to her in person, and I am going to make my site as an extention of RBSG and more "scams-only" specialized, than hers (my site will not advertise any marriage agencies or girls profiles). Plus my site will offer a conduction of investigations of any kind (like missing people or business partners reliability checks).

My personal e-mail is e_garrett@bigfoot.com, I would appreciate any information or even an interest in this subject.

Elena Garrett
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Old 16th March 2002, 03:16
CameoJoe CameoJoe is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2001
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I was wondering if you were setting up this website for monetary gain or are you just interested in helping people? It seems to me you may be in it for the cash yourself. If this is true what makes you any more reputible than a scammer?

Most countries do not allow immigration through the mail. You must meet that person in there country etc... Hence there is no need to run around with the outdated phrase of "Mail order Bride".

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Old 16th March 2002, 09:20
Elena_Garrett Elena_Garrett is offline
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 16

Dear CameoJoe,

Well, first, thanks for the reply - at least somebody noticed my message.

Second is the question about my intentions, and I am quite surprised, that you asked... I thought in my message I have mentioned that I am trying to offer conduction of the investigation services in Russia in the future and putting together a company which would provide such services to many pople, who need them (I am currently working on creating a whole network of detectives in Russia). Of course I am doing it for the business and for the money - and so does doctor, when he takes care of your health.

I should admit, that the whole thing is very interesting to work with all by itself, and I got pretty involved in it, but I don't know if I would spend so much time and money on that if I didn't hope to be paid for my effords in the future.

What makes me any different from a scammer? Hmmm... Actually, I hope there IS some difference! When you come on my web site and you brouse around, and look what services I offer (some of them are free, like catalogs of known scammers + tips and advises, some you have to pay for, like background ckeck or full size investigation), seeing what the prices are, checking my policies on stuff like refunds and guarantees, and deciding if you need it or not -it is different (I hope you think so too) then when someone try to waive a love letters in front of your eyes while picking your pockets...

About the "Mail Order Brides" - you are right, this name is not 100% appliable to many girls, but it is short and everybody undestand instantly what you are talking about... You was the first person, who dissagreed with that name - but hey, if you do not like it so much, I will not use it and will use any other "appliable" descriptions instead. As long as preople will be able to understand, what I mean, its fine. So, would you like to suggest any other names? I would appreciate it.

I hope I have answered all your questions and if you have more - I will try to answer them all. Since I am going to start this business, I will probably get many other negative or suspicious comments at first, so it's time for me to get accostomed to them. You were the first who has criticued my effords so much, but I am sure there are more comming... :-)

Anyway, if you, or anybody else reading this message have any questions, comments, critics or (hopefully!) information about Russian/Ukrainian brides scams, please do ask and do tell. Any information is appreciated.


Elena Garrett

P.S. I ask all native English speakers on this forum to forgive me for possible mistakes or misspelings... I do not see a spelling checker anywhere and without it I am doing the best, I can.
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Old 16th March 2002, 16:18
CameoJoe CameoJoe is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Nov 2001
Posts: 561
Hi Elana!!


I suppose it's a good idea to start a business in this area because so many people are interested in Russian/cis women these days.
I am just back from Moscow as well as the Saratov region and had a wonderful time in every aspect.

It seems to me that there are scammers here or there or anywhere and common sense usually finds a way to see those people easily in most cases. What you propose may be legit but I think if the man visits the country and becomes familiar with his woman then he will only need to trust his instinct and heart. If he is too dim to see the truth then he may need you...lol

If you need some expert advice and possible contacts to assist your services in the Saratov region please feel free to discuss things with me as I have the contacts in those remote areas to help with investigations.

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