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Joni 30th August 2001 02:31

What are Ukrainian men like?
There is so much posted about Ukrainian Women, how nice, beautiful they are, etc... but there is nothing ever said about Ukrainian Men. It made me curious, what are they like? Does anyone know?

BenCA 30th August 2001 14:54

I already answered your post in Open Board but...

I live in California, USA. I grew up in Kiev, Ukraine. Am I qualified to answer your question?
If so, then I would say we are normal people, with the same needs, no different from any other normal man. But what exactly do you want to know about Ukrainian men?

Joni 30th August 2001 15:34

Is there anything that is only characteristic of Ukraininan man? Or are they THE SAME as any other man, Russian, American, etc..

BenCA 30th August 2001 16:18

not same as American men because of the great differences in culture. but probably very similar with Russian men. Women who know Ukrainian men are people the best individuals to answer this question.

Irinka 30th August 2001 17:00

Ukrainian men who actually live in Ukraine are very much different from the ones who have immigrated to the US or Canada. But honestly, it's hard to answer your question..

BenCA 30th August 2001 17:43

I agree!

BenCA 31st August 2001 14:36

tell me, why do you want to find out how Ukrainian men are?

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