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What are Ukrainian men like?

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Old 31st August 2001, 14:38
Joni Joni is offline
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WHY DO YOU ASK? Do you mind that I ask?

To answer your question, it is in my initial post.
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Old 31st August 2001, 15:23
BenCA BenCA is offline
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Why do you ask why I ask? Is that OK if I ask? lol
I was just wondering about your motivation. Maybe you met Ukrainian man and you're wondering how they are.

and i like what Irene said.
I haven't been to Ukraine in 9 yeas, and i know things changed but i'm sure both gender will be able to say something bad about each other, i think its best not to. Its common sense that, no matter where you go, there are good along with bad. Just like in USA, Russia or Ukraine...
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Old 16th October 2001, 14:27
Cez Cez is offline
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I think ukrainian man are much better then americans, since i been in both countries and im polish i can say that
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Old 16th October 2001, 20:00
Silkrem Silkrem is offline
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Hi from Ukraine!
We here are such different! I know precisely, that I am not bad man. I work at a factory. I like my colleagues, they are normal men and good friends. At the same time I do not like some neighbours at my house. All depends on a man himself, from education, where a man lives, where works etc. This subject is very large.
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Old 29th December 2001, 14:28
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Exclamation Ukrainian Men

My Father turns 90 next year,by doing it tough he reaped the years.I can say he has protected and provided well.
To day he still enjoys a beer,smokes,also that green matter,plays the pokies,horse racing,and still pisses off the people that try to give him a hard time.
He has two rules.Rule one he is always correct, Rule 2 If he is not correct Rule 1 applies.Yes he was hard but kind.
I am sure that most Europeans have the same qualities.If your lucky and wanna fella for a very long time, Ukrainian men are the best,Go for it.(Disclaimer) in case ...some men are bastards worldwide,to spend 50 years with a bastard is a bloody long time.I put up with a b***h for 10 years and that was a bloody long time,that not to say that all women are b****es.Happy hunting.
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Old 25th January 2002, 21:47
hslowe hslowe is offline
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Good thread.

Hi there. I found this site and thread by doing an internet search on "Ukrainian men." I was seeking a deeper understanding of my boyfriend Vitaliy, but there just isn't much info out there on the topic of what Ukrainian men are like. So, to answer the original question, which is a very good one, I'll try to describe my experience having had two boyfriends (one still with me) and also five or so male friends from Ukraine. My comments are not to be taken generally because I don't know enough Ukrainians to say more than what I've observed in my own little circle.

What I've noticed about the Ukrainian men in my life:

--They are very masculine and sexy.
--They are hard workers.
--They are always late.
--They all know how to fix a car. No matter what their profession, they could be part-time mechanics on the side.
--They like to drink, a lot.
--They smoke like chimneys.
--They have great stamina in bed.
--Their friends are close friends...they don't really have "acquaintances" or casual buddies like American men do.
--They prefer to show rather than tell, i.e., they don't engage in verbal analysis of the relationship or their feelings toward you. Much is left unsaid.
--They treat a woman like a woman, paying her lots of respect and giving her the honor of endless toasts, frequent gifts of flowers, etc. They expect to pay for the date. But most of them also have a traditional view of women (we should cook, clean, etc., and we are left to talk amongst ourselves while the men go outside to smoke). So if you are a hardcore feminist, you may not enjoy dating a Ukrainian man.

These are a few of the things I've discovered so far. I've found I like my Ukrainian man very, very much. He is quite romantic but in an understated way that is different from the approach of American men. Vive la difference!
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Old 2nd February 2002, 02:17
holland holland is offline
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I can only speak for my father and grandfathers. They were kind, family driven, hard working, built tough and full of love.
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