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Why do so many men want Ukrainian women?

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Old 14th March 2001, 21:59
Vodka Vodka is offline
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Why can't men find women in their own countries? Is it because they really like Ukrainian women or because women in their own countries see what they are like and want nothing to do with them? Do non-Ukrainian men feel that they can take advantage of Ukraine's situation to find a wife, because no one else wants anything to do with them? Opinions?
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Old 15th March 2001, 22:42
holland holland is offline
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because of our cheek bones?
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Old 16th March 2001, 05:53
jouxster jouxster is offline
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Well some men here are definitely pissers. But others might be seeking a Ukrainian girl for who knows what. But I would have to say that a guy might be looking for a smart nice woman for marriage. Either they have been burned here too often or they want a conservative girl.

Think about it. Here girls have everything and when I man does something nice for a girl.. it's expected. Men can do so much here but many times it goes unappreciated! Perhaps an American is looking for a girl that appreciates that kind of stuff?

Another reason.. woman here do not like to cook!!! I personally love to cook but cooking many meals for a girl and the one meal she fixes is a bologna sandwitch.. PROBLEMS. (:

And I've seen pictures of woman in Ukraine! Woah boy, the dress incredible and their faces are incredibly pretty! If I were looking I'd definitely go there and take a chance.
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Old 16th March 2001, 16:32
Lina Lina is offline
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Thumbs down

"Another reason.. woman here do not like to cook!!! I personally love to cook but cooking many meals for a girl and the one meal she fixes is a bologna sandwitch.. PROBLEMS. (:"

Crap! If women there really did not like to cook Martha Stwart would never be able to make herself a fortune. Cable TV would never have a 24h Cooking chanel. And...Have you ever seen the # of cook books in the book store? or have you noticed the presence of specialty cooking shops that would probably go out of business if Nobody Liked to Cook!

Get yourself another girlfriend!
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Old 30th March 2001, 20:51
Spectre Spectre is offline
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Whoa, Tonto.

I'm tempted to agree with Holland. High cheekbones

But you're all on this kick about women and cooking. I'm currently "searching" for a woman from either Russia or a former Soviet state (not on this forum, thank you very much but my reasoning is not because I'm looking for someone to cook for me. haha....

I've dated plenty of American women. Most cooked when we (meaning she and I) agreed that she would. Sometimes I cooked. Sometimes we went out to dinner. Cooking was never a chore assigned to her and her specifically. It was more of a "Hey, you want to wash dishes or cook tonight?" And the other decided what they wanted. Game over.

I'm stunned that Lina (who is presumably a female) would say "find yourself another girlfriend!" when she heard that jouxster implied about how western women don't like to cook. I'd figure to hear her slam him for saying cooking is not necessarily a female's job responsibility. Most women tend to react negatively when you mention the word "woman" and "kitchen" in the same sentence - calling you chauvinistic or outdated. Or both.

If you REALLY want to know more about why western men (myself included) seek women from the Ukraine, Russia, etc...go to russia.com and this thread:


I don't feel like reinventing the wheel and typing for another 3 hours. Go read that. It's a good read - on this topic.


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Old 31st March 2001, 03:18
Lkoz Lkoz is offline
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Looking for S CHUBENKO

I know this is a really long shot, but I am trying to track down an old friend from Kiev who is now living in the USA (last I heard) His name is Sergei Chubenko and he is 24 or 25 years old. He is really into hockey and played for the Ukrainian Jr. team a few years back. If anyone has ANY information that may help PLEASE email me at ljkozak@hotmail.com

Thank you!
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Old 6th April 2001, 00:04
Corwin Corwin is offline
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Don't think so?

I think that a lot of people, (Speaking of American Men), are really just tired of the crap that American women dish out. Putting up with American women is a pain in the butt. There are very few good women in America. Granted Hollywood and stuff is out here, but American women have lost a sense of family and or faithfulness for thatt matter. I have personally been to Italy, spain, france, greece. England, Israel, and a couple others, and I can say for a fact that the societal differences are enormous and more down to reality. Most of my family has married european women and have been quite happy. I think it just happens that there are a lot of sites pushing russian and ukrainian women, so they get more exposure.
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