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Why do so many men want Ukrainian women?

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Old 17th April 2001, 16:43
Lina Lina is offline
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Talking Re: Stardust needs help

Originally posted by Aronski
Hey Stardust,
It's nice to love where you live, but please, the rest of the world is not blinded by the stars and stripes and you really only come off sounding either arrogant or stupid.
I think you've answered the question yourself here about who will understand better the stars and stripes than a girl from the States! You will not understand it as well as myself , because we are not Americans! or are YOU?

It's also true that the best way to be respected is not a constant "show off" of the patriotism! I agree on that one! But, we were not talking about it from the beginning! I think his original intention was just to describe AW and a patriotism for their country is just something they happen to have!
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Old 17th April 2001, 19:29
ortoped ortoped is offline
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Well, now listen to what papa has to say...

Death of USSR opened the door in Ukraine for all those who would make money out of anything. And Ukrainian women aren't only Ukrainian export. It includes children, strategic materials, antiques, etc. And Ukraine isn't special in this, it's just catching up with Philippines, Malaysia and such. So, it is 99.9% business, with a few romantic exceptions.

Please prove me wrong.

Thank you.
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Old 17th April 2001, 20:06
stardust stardust is offline
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Well for starters I still respect your opinion rather you agree with me or not in matters of what you call high ground or what I might refer to as argumental ground.
I'm not here to argue my opinions but rather to allow you to know what mine are. If you don't like my beliefs and feel they are aimed to somehow take a higher ground you are wrong.
Having lived in Australia for a long period of time I do believe I understand that country very well. Visited Germny and had a great time as well.
I suppose I would be correct in saying that if offered to live in any country on the world with the ability to live well and in a safe environment most people would respectfully decline the offer due to many factors. Some factors may involve culture,family,national beliefs but mainly due to the fact that it takes a lot of learning and patience to understand and accept another culture and have the ability to adapt and conform to that countries expectations.
Even in Australia one must learn a lot and this is a very liberal country indeed.
I can understand how hard it is to leave your customs,family and friends to go to another country and Ukraine women are very brave and set forth on such an enterprise regardless of there motives.
Hopefully Ukraine and Russian women will be able to live happily one day in there country and respectfully decline offers to move abroad due to financial opportunities that are not yet ready for them at home.
I am not a child and neither one who does not respect others but to claim this is my high ground you are correct in actuality.

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Old 17th April 2001, 21:11
BenCA BenCA is offline
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good post stardust

I don't like it when these people bash american women. There are good and bad once, just like in every other country, including Russia and Ukraine. Women here are little different, but I have no complains about it.
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Old 18th April 2001, 00:44
Aronski Aronski is offline
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Good show

Ah, another day at work, I have a hang over. Pretty dull kind of morning. May I ask Stardust, where in Australia did you live? Big country, small world.
To BenCA, no one was attacking American women, I think women are women and people are people, not nationalitites, I find that a little irrelevant. So never fear dear, your ladies are just fine.
You're right though Stardust, I was being argumentative, I get a little jumpy about certain topics. Intention is one thing, but the reality can sometimes be different.
Hello to Lina, thanks for jumping in and having a little say, take care
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Old 18th April 2001, 01:46
stardust stardust is offline
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Aronski I lived in the Perth area in WA. Lived in an area called Hillary's. You know in the Freemantle area.
I love Australia and will go visit sometime soon hopefully. Where are you?
It's funny but men who seek women can find plenty there in Oz that actually sorta speak there language...lol
Yep I don't try to make you mad but actually it happens because some people are too narrow in there views of people from other countries because they have no experience other than television or a book or magazine etc...lol. If I made you mad sorry bout that but then again at least we are still talking...lol(also not suggesting you are narrow)
Lina thanks for the kind words and hope all goes well with you in all you do.
Yep I want to visit Ukraine and say hello and be as polite as possible. I don't wish to marry or buy a women there because that's such a bad thing to try to purchase a person. (in my opinion)
I suppose it's tragic for the girl in many cases because she is trying to do better and most of loser's she meets from other countries feel they can just whip up a beautiful girl with money. Dont be mad at me now because I'm sure there are good foreigners who are sincere in there seeking a Ukraine wife but surely they must be genuine and kind and most of all not expect to have a free ride from a WIFE as if she had no mind at all.
Okay I have blabbed enough...sorry

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Old 18th April 2001, 02:29
Aronski Aronski is offline
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How did I get here

It's funny, I was looking for info on the Ukraine, trying to find people I used to know when I lived there and got onto this site.
I was flicking through all the discussion boards and saw the topic of men seeking Ukrainian women. I'm not after a wife myself, I'm only 25 and have a beautiful girlfriend, but I read the response of stardust and all my teeth got sharp and I had to be painful.
Anyway, glad that is all good now.
I'm out of here, maybe you can find me on the pen pal board.
Take care all
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