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Why do so many men want Ukrainian women?

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Old 3rd July 2001, 14:53
JetSet JetSet is offline
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I would have to say no way to the catologue service. It's an accident waiting to happen. I think there's something unique and different about women from Europe, but the only safe (and 100%) honest way is to move to Europe. Besides, the scenery in most cities of Europa is not too shabby...
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Old 3rd July 2001, 15:53
JohnG JohnG is offline
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Well, I am happy that some people have had good luck with a service. But Ive just heard too many negative stories. At least when you live there, you will be able to spend more time knowing someone without the 100 emails. Love is always a crapshoot but again I believe in have the best odds. These services are not regulated and, for that matter, dating agencies in the U.S are pretty bad too. If I were a Russian guy using a dating agency here, I would be bad mouthing the low quality of AW. I just cant afford to be ripped off again. Since I dont have a family anyway, living cheaply for a few months in the Ukraine is not going to kill me. Im sure if nothing else Ill love the culture and the arts.
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Old 6th July 2001, 20:50
Craig Craig is offline
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Cool Why American men want Ukraine woman

I have been to the Ukraine and met the love of my life. She will soon be my wife and a resident of the USA. She is so polite and respects me and is beautiful and takes care of herself and has a college degree. All of the woman were so very beautiful.They are alluring and mysterious.
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Old 8th July 2001, 02:56
Felix_Caro Felix_Caro is offline
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Smile It's great isn't it?

I have the exact same situation now. So you see, not everything that looks too good to be true turns out wrong. My fiancee is educated in economics and its very beautiful and respectful. Her relatives are the best, especially mama, may God bless her heart. God willing, very soon my fiancee will be enjoying the beautiful and sunny weather in the caribbean with me. I have been to the Ukraine a couple of times this year already, and I am contemplating going again maybe before the beginning of the autumn God willing. I hope that other guys can be as lucky as some of us were, because this is truly an experience to enjoy and cherish for the rest of a life.
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Old 4th August 2001, 19:00
The-Experiment The-Experiment is offline
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Because, Ukrainian women are women.
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Old 4th August 2001, 19:44
jimbo53old6-6 jimbo53old6-6 is offline
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Wink Gust a game like all games

the-Experiment well that is just what it is for sure when you are looking for a partner in life it take all of your creative thinking to look for the mate that will last ,as for me i find many american women who would like to start something but most times the check and chong do not make for longe term relationships .when there loose as a goose and to large for use of abetter term i personall do not get very excited and on internet well at least there are lots of free addreses to e-mail and who knows where that will lead only time and frustration will tell. and to think that i would only look to Ukraine for a mate is shallow thinking. I look because it is avaliable to look at just like most other places of the world.so lets get sort of real there are for any person lots of choices and to make the right choice take looking,so onward soldiers ,to the unbeliable Dream that may or may not come to you; Love ya and keep on Trucking. Jimbo
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Old 5th August 2001, 00:44
ricknorth ricknorth is offline
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I just think they taste good, less filling.
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