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wendat 16th September 2014 14:14

What did I do wrong ?
Hello everybody, I've had an experience recently that I've had trouble coming to grips with. I'm a 48 yo male living in Toronto, and for the last 3 months have been chatting with a 23 yo in Odessa. Almost every night we've been chatting and had agreed that we share a lot of chemistry and that things were going well. The other day, literally out of nowhere, a message popped up on the website that she had left the site. I've emailed her without an answer and am left scratching my head.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Jim

Hannia 18th September 2014 13:55

I see you are not getting a response from other participants in this type of courtship process.

No offense meant, but unless you were skyping, how can you be sure that you were communicating w/a beautiful 23 yr old Ukrainian girl and not w/some over-sized ugly Russian guy? This kind of scam is not uncommon. Hopefully you didn't throw too much money into this relationship and now you know better.

Pontius 18th September 2014 14:19

I am curious about the other thing. Even if she was indeed 23 yo Ukrainian girl, why do think this "chemistry" from her side is real? I don't have problems with age differences, but in my opinion 25 years... is a bit too much to be real.

Pan Szymanowski 18th September 2014 16:17

What did you do wrong? You have started your communication with a person who is twice younger than yourself. What else should you expect?
Find 60 y.o lady next door. Success is guaranteed.

Pitter Pen 1st October 2014 10:45

A friend of mine, a young student girl, got a jobe recently. The employer is some dating website. She chats with visitors. They believe they chat with particular girls but in fact they all chat with her. Her salary depends on how many chats she had.

Gotno Gizmo 2nd October 2014 10:13

Dating line scams
I also knew of a young man who worked as an interpreter for a dating line company he said that he was paid for the number of letters he interpreted and then replied to usually without the woman the message was being sent to even knowing about the communication. The foreign men writing were paying for every letter sent and received It is likely therefore that several men were righting to the same woman, who even may have even severed ties with that dating agency.

Boyka555 31st October 2014 19:06

Although it is quite common for young Ukrainian girls to date with people who are much older then them due to good financial stability for example, I agree with others. It may ave not been a girl at all, or she just goes on after she got what she wanted.

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