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shootfighter65 15th February 2013 22:11

Using Mordinson dating service..
I am an American guy. Moderately successful. I have dated some here since my divorce. I am in very good shape and take good care of myself. I am considered attractive and its very easy for me to date women here in their mid 20's to mid 30's if I choose. I chose to look abroad because I'm looking for a more traditional woman. I have been corresponding with an attractive woman thats 34 years old...I am 47.
Look I'm a realist. My guess is if you dont have game in the states your not going to have game in the Ukraine. Any guy thats 50 thinking he's going to hook up with a 21 year old and shes not in it for the money is delusional and thats a recipe for disaster. I have seen some of the youtube videos of fat guys that look 70 trying to get 25 year old girls....thats just creepie. These guys have serious issues.
So far Mordinsons has done an excellent job. I was seriously cautious when I started. After I received answers from some women from my intro letter I was still not sure. I returned a generic letter that was mostly cut and paste. Michael immediately emailed me to inform me i should personalize my letter and I didnt answer some of the girls questions. I was very impressed with that and believed that a scammer wouldn't do that. He also informed me that two of the girls I was interested in were close friends and that I should choose one of them to write to. More bonus points. Something I also believed a scammer wouldn't care about.
So far out of the girls I have written to there is one I get a good feeling from. She answers all my letters promptly. always sends regular everyday photos of her in her daily life. We have spoken on the phone and she seems genuine and sincere.
She is also very blunt in her questioning which I can understand.
Has anyone else used this agency? I sincerely hope I'm on the right track here. This is going to be an expensive endeavor. thanks

myheart2ukraine 23rd February 2013 11:01

good-luck shooter as your going 2 need it muchchch in dating ukrainian gals!
i dated many ukrainian woman before i met my babes lyudmila and me being from euro-land its not that expensive travelling 2 ukraine unlike it is for you americans
but stick at it mate for these ukrainian beauties are much, much worth it
shooter ir your fit healthy have brill sence of humour then i see no reason why your future ukrainian girlfriend cannot be 25 years younger than yourself
take it from me who lives with what i have just wrote
arhh agencys are over 90% run by crooks everybody knows this is just busines 2 make money here in ukraine but maybe this mordinson you need google work there?

shootfighter65 25th February 2013 18:16

Of course business is business....I know prices are marked up quite a bit. No problem we all have to make a living. Mordison doesn't nickle and dime you every step of the way which is good. Even if i could get a girl 25 years younger I dont really want to deal with the age gap in maturity...also I notice many of the younger girls are wanting to have children. I prefer one that has a child and is satisfied with said I will need much luck. Could you expand on that? I am very interested in what advise you have...Thanks

myheart2ukraine 26th February 2013 01:17

only advise i can give you 65 if you get shot in the foot here in ukraine 2 2 many times then this is your fate?
i have lived here in ukraine and england 50 / 50 for the past 15 years so maybe i know what im talking about when it comes 2 dating ukrainian woman pravda
there is a book i could write about advise but hell it would be endless about the ukrainian woman but if you is smart then you will have no problem in finding your true ukrainian love, un-smart then you never will find her its as simple as that and you will give up on ukraine forever
main thing i will really want 2 say 2 you is dump all your ex-wifes baggee and associated trash which comes with having an ex. do it 2day and do it now, UKRAINIAN WOMAN ARE JEALOUS VERY JEALOUS its not shown at first but it is there much there
you wrote about her children and you? this is a dead mans minefield 65 so not many guys get through. i not really like 2 write bad words about ukrainian woman with child, don`t forget a ukrainians mans child so this will be hard work very hard work for yourself make no-mistake 65
in end i wish you good-luck in your search for your gorgeous ukrainian woman is love aahhhh!
myheart2ukraine :p

rcshott 26th February 2013 09:55

Well now "65"... where do I start? I'm 69 (((My "breakfast-of-champanions" year))) & my Ukrainian wife is a 45yo doctor (not currently practicing). I've had 6+ trips to Ukraine in 5 years (ever the procrastinator) and since last August am now married & living in West Ukraine near Carpathian mountains. I've been married twice before (both Aussies) & been cleaned out financially twice to the point of having gone from millionaire to stone broke! TWICE. (((VERY slow learner!))) So, other than that, having had a good life and travelled and lived extensively I finally decided on a Ukraine woman as my final blast at "the good life". Thousands of Aussie men go to Philippines... as a racist, there is no way in hell I'd do THAT. I'd cut my dangling bits off first! :D

Living in foreign countries has probs... just like life itself. Ukraine is no different. It's deep culture & history take some learning...but the shilas ARE beautiful... AND V-E-R-Y JEALOUS! So NEVER say you know others from ANYWHERE! Believe me! You'll regret it, mate! The country is still tied to Russia (although been independent for 22 years now) and the country struggles financially, big time! Infrastructure is poor and in many parts people are so 'downtrodden', daily life is a struggle. Corruption is a bloody disgrace. But I love the atmosphere here in the West as it's close to Europe and is influenced by it to a large degree. My inlaws (Mama & Papa) are the same age as myself (Papa & I almost exact same age) but they've taken me in and done so much to help with long-term visas etc, I'll never be able to repay the support. My neighbours are very good too!

I've never heard of the dating site you mention... but there are so many. AND they all want money! As you say, it is business. But there's a few things with these sites you must be aware of;
1. The photos & profiles are often NOT TRUE. ( I can expand)
2. Many of the ladies of 20+ years have been married & unceremoniously dumped for a "younger" woman. (My Step-Daughter is one)
3. It is common for couples to have "a bit on the side"... HOWEVER I refuse to enter THAT "life".
4. Learning to speak Russian is paramount. Ukrainian will also help in West Ukraine.
5. Living is cheap in that most travel & food is 'cheap' to a Westerner.
6. Be VERY prepared to be frustrated by government and business procrastination. It's a shocker! Dealing with shops, businesses and life generally can be frustrating, too. "Do it tomorrow" seems the 'norm.

Many Roads are some of the poorest in Europe. Driving on them feels like the car/bus/taxi has square wheels and no springs!!! Many break down. Trains are mostly old but acceptable and almost always on time. On cars... importing from outside the country is a BIG problem I'm still struggling with and I've questions I can't get answers to. FRUSTRATION!!! Oh there's MUCH more....I've spent months Skyping to individual ladies as "beautiful prospectives" only to arrive here and be not met at the airport, dumped on sight or I've found I've been lied to for a few lousy hundred dollars!!! But '65', mate, come & look, you may be lucky on your first visit! I strongly recommend you find a lady who speaks some English.... OR YOU SPEAK RUSSIAN. I WARN YOU>>> do NOT meet one who has an 'interpreter'. There are MANY beautiful women here but not being able to communicate can be a major drawback for daily life unless she's deaf, dumb & blind! Let alone marry them.

So, to recap; Food is generally good, wine, beer, busses, trains, taxies are cheap, but many (incl roads) are old and simply crap! Taxis, busses & trains breakdown frequently. People in many areas are great, but NEVER tell one lady you have visited or spoken to others. DROP ALL YOUR PREVIOUS BAGGAGE or just forget coming here!! The weather is OK if you like the snow in Winter and the generally poor conditions. Summer is great but the high humidity can be a pain sometimes.

Ukraine is an exciting country but things are NOT as they are 'at home', so prepare the brain & discount your expectations by half & you'll enjoy it. Other than to tie a few loose ends or visit 'relies' I ain't going back to Oz to live anytime soon!

Fire your questions... "myheart2ukraine" can tell you more than I, all the best! :)

shootfighter65 26th February 2013 16:25

Thanks guys...I don't plan to live there. I have a successful business here in America that needs my attention. You guys are right it is hard to know a persons true character in a short amount of time. It always shows up later. I have no idea how I ended up going this route. Just isnt anyone I'm interested in here. maybe I'm kind of jaded.

myheart2ukraine 26th February 2013 19:32

great post mate and you summoned up life here 110% correct, great joke 2 about your bigg middle leg and even bigger muckers facing thee old sharp axe....... ochhh thats hurts man!!
daa you live in a really nice region of ukraine 2, only watch-out for when the thaw sets in and then them spring rains come but im sure your ukrainian family have seen them floods much before
ok 65 its very easy 2 get jaded in life for there before you on your computer is this coool land of ukraine full with milk & honey and such gorgeous hott sexy young woman everywhere daa i mean everywhere. daa 2 its enough 2 send any normal guy crazy 2 see yet not 2 touch, mmm.... maybe torture should be the best word im a thinkings for guys who see the honey but will they taste / lick it..... mmmm??
route there is only 1 route 65 get on that new sexy american dream-liner opps nearly forgot that jet has been grounded due 100% air crash potentially, so fly safe & fly with a euro jet kyiv for central / eastern / southern ukraine or warsaw for western ukraine. you bus it from warsaw 2 any western ukraine city like l`viv / ternopile / rivne is no problem
hope you get your girl 65 like i and rcshott have for its honey honey honey for us this day and everyday daa thats coool
myheart2ukraine :p

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