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Outback 2nd October 2006 03:49

Help with fiancee visa?
Hi guys and gals, i haven't posted much on this board but i occassionally read it. I really enjoy how friendly and helpfull everyone is and i'm hoping that maybe ya'll can help me with an issue i'm having.

Two years ago i met a girl in Khotyn, Ukraine through mutual friends that live near me in South Carolina, USA. They were originally from there as well and now live here. We corresponded very often through email and phone while she was in college in Zhitomyr. Last year i visited her for 2 weeks and we started dating. We tried to get her a tourist visa twice but she was rejected. The embassy said she didn't have strong enough ties to Ukraine to ensure she'd return after her visit.

This year i visited her again for 2 weeks and we got engaged, with her parents blessing. Now i'm preparing the proper paperwork to file the petition for a K1 Fiancee visa so that hopefully she can come before Christmas. The problem is that after being rejected twice, she's afraid of the embassy. I offered to come with her but it's going to cause many complications with my work schedule and short notice flights, not to mention the fact that she still thinks it's not a guarantee for her to get the visa.

So tonight my sister in law suggested that i hire a lawyer to simplify things, probably guarantee the visa, and hopefully get it all done a little faster. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with fiancee visas or if anyone knows a good reliable lawyer that can assist me. I realise that it's much more costly but if it ensures she's able to come then i think it's worth it.

Any information that you can provide will be much appreciated. If you'd prefer to email me directly you can at Thanks again in advance, i have faith that some kind soul will be of assistance.

sirrom 3rd October 2006 22:43

dont beleive what your saying ...if you love the girl who cares what it costs ....and if you dont why you bothering at all...for my mentality its abit strange...but then im not a yank....

baboushka 13th October 2006 19:13


Originally Posted by sirrom
dont beleive what your saying ...if you love the girl who cares what it costs ....and if you dont why you bothering at all...for my mentality its abit strange...but then im not a yank....

sirrom, read a little more carefully. He said it will be more costly, but if it guarantees her getting here faster IT'S WORTH IT. Unless you read the post fully, I wouldn't start throwing comments like that at someone.

baboushka 13th October 2006 19:15

Outback - I'll try to get some information from my cousin who married a girl living in Poland. Mind you she had already been here a few times to visit her sister and the situation wasn't the same but it's worth asking. I know they got married in Poland first and then had a ceremony here a few months later when she finally came to Canada. I'll see what I can do.

wrigglymaggot 1st February 2007 02:09

Fiance visas should be more straightforward. Tourist visas are a no no for many people in countries outside the EU unless there is proof of material wealth above a certain amount for him/her to return to. Being scared of the embassy staff will only make them more suspicious. Success in getting a visa is straightforward enough, as long you know how to sell yourself in the right way.

JBNUSA 9th February 2007 06:48

Don't waste your money on a Lawyer. It's an easy process. Just make sure she is the one. Take the time to read I-864. It is a form that states you will be fiancially responsible for her for 40 quarters or 10 years. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

bubyshka 31st March 2009 22:58

Yes good luck Outback.
Obviously sirrom didn't have his glasses on while reading or something ?
dear me.......!!!!

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