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Gotno Gizmo 5th May 2015 21:44

Refugees or economic migrants?
In the news, much concern about the rapidly growing number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded boats from North Africa to European Union territories, with many lives being lost on the way. Many Europeans are appalled by this loss of human life and demand their EU states to do more to save these desperate migrants.

There are others however who have grave concern that by facilitating the safer arrival to the European Union shoreline, that it will act as an incentive to even greater numbers of migrants to take the chance of such crossings. They are people who understand the true nature of the problem being created in the better performing economic states, where not only legal EU citizens arrive looking for a better life but a growing number of illegal ones coming from non EU states. They are aware that many EU born citizens are patiently awaiting for their non EU spouses to get entry visas in order to join them in their countries, whilst learning of illegal entrants (often claiming asylum) jumping the visa queue on the basis that they are already in the country.

The documentation and Consular processing costs associated with a legal visa entry is being undermined by the mostly economic migrants who present mostly uncheckable evidence of "persecution" and seem to be given benefit of the doubt in the name of humanity. If this growing trend isn't more stringently controlled, my advice to visa applicants standing in queues at the Consular offices in Kiev for an EU visa will be "go to north Africa and jump on a boat"!

One of the popular destinations for these boat arriving migrants is the United Kingdom. Once in Greece or Italy they can journey illegally across many borders to end up in Calais northern France. The URL below is to open a Vice News video clip where you can see these migrants attempting to cross the English Channel to Britain.

stepanstas 6th May 2015 04:14

The EU is definately leniet with taking in all these immigrants which cases a lack of care for it's own citizens. Like you said, there are so many people trying to get in the legit and costly way while some people get in like this and others get in through lies at the border.

Gotno Gizmo 14th March 2016 10:14

The Fiasco of the EU's migrant situation continues
The months go by and increasing thousands of migrants enter the EU illegally every day. Both EU and non EU states have looked to the highly paid politicians in Brussels to bite the bullet and take the unpalatable decision to demand ALL exterior EU states to close their borders to those entering without the necessary ID and visa. But alas no such action has been forthcoming, so those states that are suffering the consequences of this unarmed invasion have found it necessary to take unilateral action by erecting fences at their borders to stop the flow.

I recent weeks the EU elite politicos have maintained a stance of maintaining open borders and sharing the migrant numbers out around Europe regardless of the fact that there is no likelihood of the numbers doing anything other than multiply resulting from the opportunity of visa free entry into the perceived prosperous northern Europe. The pathetic EU elite politicos latest stance is to throw money EU tax payers money at Turkey to encourage them not to allow more migrants to depart their shores for Greek islands. Furthermore they are promising Turkey that for every illegal migrant arrival that Turkey will take back, the EU will take the same number back of identified and processed migrants who meet their acceptance criteria. Subsequently those many EU citizens wishing that no more migrants should be allowed in will become unsatisfied.

In Britain certain media warn the British people that should they decide to exit (Brexit) the EU at their forthcoming July referendum, all manner of financial, commercial and social purgatory will be bestowed upon them. Meanwhile if most Brits continue to witness the nincompoopery emanating from Brussels as I do, they must come to the conclusion that they must seize this once in a lifetime chance to get out of this hive of incompetence.

Macedonia says it is 'paying for the mistakes' of the EU | Daily Mail Online

Gotno Gizmo 7th October 2016 17:20

Muslim migrants putting law and order at risk in Sweden
Sweden may be descending into a crisis as a new report suggests 80 per cent of police officers are considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field.

80 Per Cent Of Swedish Police Consider Quitting Due To Danger

stepanstas 17th October 2016 04:45

Wow, the report states that up to 3 police officers quit every day.

Gotno Gizmo 24th December 2016 14:45

Schengen visas - or continue using "refugee" password
For more than two years now the European mainland has been the arrival point for what is estimated to be in excess of two million "refugees" (that we know about) and include many migrants who are coming from states where there are no wars going on. Their countries may be poor due largely to corrupt leaders, or they may be dysfunctional resulting from various degrees of Islamic disharmony, however their malcontent with their own lands should not give them unrestricted right of entry into other lands that are better organised,less tribal and less corrupt.

The EU despite all manner of verbal diatribe has still not countered the situation where it has patrol boats in the Mediterranean Sea looking out for migrants at peril in overloaded inadequate boats and bringing them to the safety of an EU coastline. Of course many migrants die in the process, but the existence of EU sponsored patrol boats looking out for them makes their crossing attempt a viability.

Meanwhile, as we approach the end of 2016 the year in which EU elites gave reassurance that Ukraine would get visa free status for the EU, it still hasn't happened. Resulting from EU politicians unique inability to come to a decision it now seems unlikely that visa free will become a reality until well into 2017 at the earliest. It's strange that Ukraine passport owners bringing a stack of documents to EU consulate visa offices to support their request for a Schengen visa are prone to refusal whilst others arriving on EU beaches without any identification are permitted entry.

As you may know once a person arrives in any EU Schengen state (if not incarcerated) can roam around the greater part of western Europe without any border controls. This situation has become a focus of debate resulting from the increasing levels of terrorist outrages, most of which are arising from Islamic "refugee" status entrants.

The following URL takes you to a British article concerned with security risks resulting from Schengen free movement:- -

dobko 25th February 2017 23:41

They are economic migrants. Invading Europe .

No mention of George Soros and vast amounts of money he's giving to push these people?

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