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Update - sosnica / woloschuk / radon/

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Old 17th March 2018, 03:30
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Update - sosnica / woloschuk / radon/

HELLO HANNIA, RUTH, IreneLviv(what happened to her?), and members & other interested parties

I thought that I would offer an update to my genealogical research in which I have engaged again after a trip to Ukraine I undertook last year for two months, n October and November 1917.

As i read through my previous lengthy thread from 2011, it's only now that much of the information that was posted has finally made sense and settled in. I recall that all of he data that came in was overwhelming and never got fully processed in my mind. It was a good time now to review and reflect on everything

My last thread was posted in the yeas 2010/2011, prior to a trip which I undertook to Ukraine at that time. If you were to visit that thread you would notice that it received a multitude of "views" - around 40,000 - and contained about 30 pages.

I was almost completely in the dark when I began; however, thanks to the enormous and appreciated efforts of Hannia, Ruth, IreneLviv (whom I met n Lviv in 2011), and several others (Cirdan, Sylvie...), I gathered a lot of information, much very detailed, and now have a better understanding of my heritage and family.

Unfortunately, it still has been very difficult to glean information about my mother (Parascevia, nee Radon) and her village despite visiting the village of Sosnica twice. The graveyards containing graves of Ukrainians have all been destroyed and there is little left there to remind anyone that Ukrainians, and my mother's family ever resided there. After WW11 and the border changes, the remaining members of my mother's family (her brother Dmytro, his wife & daughter Marika) were deported from Poland to Ukraine, settling in Zolochiv and struggling to survive there. We met Dmytro, his wife Hannia and daughter Marika and her young daughter and son, in 1978 on a visit with my mother. It was my mother's wish to see her brother once more after a period of 50 years separation. He was married to Hannia who had been my mother's best friend as a child, and it was with her that my mother spent most of her time chatting. Anyway, Marika's daughter was a beautiful vibrant young girl aged about 10 when we met her. Thir-three years later, during a visit in 2011, I learned from Marika that her daughter had disappeared, never to be heard from again, after travelling to Poland in search of a better life. Such a tragedy. She left behind two children who were and are in the care of their grandmother Marika

With the help of some locals, during my 2017 trip, I did discover the grave sites of two sisters, both named Radon, and unmarried, in a Roman Catholic cemetery in Sosnica - Eva and Maria, both of whom had lived and died in Sosnica. I have no ideas if they relate to my mother's family. One of the locals introduced us to a woman who had known and lived with the sisters, but she had little to offer. She said the sisters never described nor spoke about their background or families.

The locals did discover the house number of my mother's family from back in the early days when no street names existed - just house numbers. The house number was 280, and we believe the homestead existed on a street now called Kolejowa, in Sosnica. But at the time, we had no way of cross-referencing the house number to an actual physical location on an existing street (Kolejowa). It would have been great to actually see the area where my mother and her family once lived.

And so another trip to Sosnica seems to be in order, to try and wrap up loose ends, find the homestead, find about the relationship with the Radon sisters. After that perhaps look into the other threads of my family.

During this trip in 2017, I thoroughly enjoyed spending most of my time in the charming and cultural centre of Ukraine - Lviv. My cousin Ihor, with whom I share a townhouse in Toronto Canada, have been offering low-cost temporary accommodation to scholars from Ukraine, who come to Toronto to do research at Canadian universities. They are usually PHD students or assistant professors from Lviv or Kyiv. As it turns out, we become friends and so on my trip in 2017 I was able to meet with them. They were very helpful, accommodating and generous with their time, and made my trip much more manageable and enjoyable since I still struggle with the language. It makes a big difference having friends in foreign countries to help with getting settled and oriented. Lviv is such a charming beautiful city.

I also spent time in Kyiv, which - despite its many attractions - is much more fast-paced, and bustling and expensive.

I am a great fan of Veryovka Choir and Dance troupe and managed to see them perform 3 times. They are extraordinarily talented artists. Out-of-the ordinary was a performance at the government municipal building on the occasion of a Holodomor memorial service, during which they performed Mozart's Requiem with a fine orchestra and another chorus. I met several of them back stage and had the privilege of offering them bouquets of roses, something I had been longing to do because of the many years of enjoyment they have provided to me through their music and dance. I am also a great fan of the Volyn group stationed in Lutsk, but didn't get a chance to see them. Next time.

One thing I have learned is not to spread myself to thin. There were so many leads to various relatives that I couldn't process all the information too well. There are links to family members in Lukovets and other areas which hopefully can get to after I am satisfied with more immediate family members.

Thanks once more to Hannia, Ruth, IreneLviv (wherever she may be), Cirdan, Paul, Sylvie,Tempo, Basia, Wolodmyr

Photo displays me with a few artists from VERYOVKA CHOIR

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