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LDS microfilm list of villages in Stryiskyi (Stryi) raion, L'viv oblast

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LDS microfilm list of villages in Stryiskyi (Stryi) raion, L'viv oblast

Here is a list of villages in Stryiskyi (Stryi) raion, L'viv oblast for which microfilms are available through LDS.

More information can be found at -
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Balicze Podrożne (Żurawno), Galizien, Austria; later Balicze Podrożne (Żydaczow), Stanisławow, Poland; now Podorozhnie, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Balicze Podgorne (Żurawno), Galizien, Austria; later Balicze Podgorne (Żydachow), Stanisławow, Poland; now Zarichne, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Bereżnica (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Bereźnica (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Berezhnytsia, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Bratkowce (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Bratkowce (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Bratkivtsi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Brigidau, Galizien, Austria; later Brygidyn, Stanisławow, Poland; now Lanivka (Bryhidan until 1947), L'viv, Ukraine. Includes: Gelsendorf, Neudorf, Drohobycz, etc

Chodowice, Galicia, Austria; later Chodowice (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Khodovychi, L'viv, Ukraine

Chromohorb, Galizien, Austria; later Chromohorb (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Khromohorb, L'viv, Ukraine

Daszawa, Galicia, Austria; later Daszawa (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Dashava, L'viv, Ukraine

Dobrowlany (Strjy), Galizien, Austria; later Dobrowlany (Strjy), Stanisławow, Poland; now Dobrivliany, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Dobrzany (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Dobrzany (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Dobriany, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Dołhe (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Dołhe (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Dovhe, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Dołhołuka (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Dołhołuka (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Dovholuka, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Duliby (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Duliby (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Duliby, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Dzieduszyce Małe (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Dzieduszyce Małe (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Mali Didushychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Dzieduszyce Wielkie (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Dzieduszyce Wielkie (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Velyki Didushychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Gelsendorf, Stanisławow; now Zahirne, L'viv, Ukraine; formerly in Galicia

Grabowiec Stryjski (aka Grabowiec) (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Grabowiec Stryjski (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Hrabovets′, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Hołobutow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Hołobutow (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Holobutiv, ZHydachiv, L′viv, Ukraine

Hurnie (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Hurnie (Stryj), Lwow, Poland; now Hirne (known as Hurne until 1945), Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Juseptycze (Żydaczow), Galizien, Austria; later Juseptycze (Żydaczow), Stanisławow, Poland; now Ĭosypovychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Kawczy Kąt (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Kawczy Kąt (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Kuty, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Kawsko (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Kawsko (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Kavs′ke, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Kłodnica (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Kłodnica (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Kolodnytsia, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Komarow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Komarow (aka Komarow Ruski) (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Komariv, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Koniuchow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Koniuchow (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Koniukhiv, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Lisiatycze (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Lisiatycze (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Lysiatychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine. On some manuscripts this locality is listed as two localities: Lisiatycze Gorne and Lisiatycze Dolne

Lisowice (Bolechw), Galizien, Austria; later Lisowice (Dolina), Stanisławw, Poland; now Lysovychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Łukawica Wyżna (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Łukawica Wyżna (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Verkhnia Lukovytsia, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Morszyn (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Morszyn (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Morshyn, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Nieżuchow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Nieżuchow (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Nezhukhiv, ZHydachiv, L′viv, Ukraine

Oleksice Stare (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Oleksice Nowe and Oleksice Stare (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Oleksychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Pietniczany (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Pietniczany (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now P'iatnychany, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Podhorce (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Podhorce (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Pidhirtsi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Pukienicze (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Pukienicze (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Pukynychi, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Sokołow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Sokołow (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland. The territory of this historical locality appears to have been incorporated into that of the modern locality Podorozhnie, Stryĭ, L'viv, Ukraine. Included are neighboring localities: Balicze Podgorne, Balicze Podrożne, Sulatycze, Łany Sokołowskie, Siechow, Dzieduszyce Wielkie, Wola Zaderewacka, Turza Wielka, etc

Stryj, Galicia, Austria; later Stryj (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Stryy, L'viv, Ukraine. Includes: Chromohorb, Lisiatycze, Lubieńce, Wolica, Manasterzec, Uhersko, Dobrowlany, Dołhołucka, Grabowiec, Stankow, Stynawa, etc

Uhełna (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Uhełna (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Uhil′nia, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Uhersko (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Uhersko (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Uhers′ke, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Wierczany (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Wierczany (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Verchany, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Wola Dołhołucka (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Wola Dołhołucka (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Volia-Dovholuts′ka, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Wola Zaderewacka (Bolechow), Galizien, Austria; later Wola Zaderewacka (Dolina), Stanisławow, Poland; now Zaderevtsi, Stryĭ, Ivano-Frankivs′k, Ukraine

Wolica (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Wolica (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Volytsia, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Zaderewacz (Bolechow), Galizien, Austria; later Zaderewacz (Dolina), Stanisławow, Poland; now Zaderevach, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine

Zawadow (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Zawadow (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now Zavadiv, ZHydachiv, L′viv, Ukraine

Żulin (Stryj), Galizien, Austria; later Żulin (Stryj), Stanisławow, Poland; now ZHulyn, Stryĭ, L′viv, Ukraine
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