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  1. stepanstas
    11th December 2014 05:22
    People love to talk and this place is a good source for information.

    Yea, Polish do typically work in construction and driving. When did you guys buy the condo in Kyiv? I don't think you would have too much trouble selling though.
  2. MichaelT
    10th December 2014 03:55
    Mr.Stepanstas, I have NO objective here! I see "so many posts and threads that say NOTHING!" and am just looking for information .Glad to see your family is doing o.k. I am retired and dream of moving to a GOOD COUNTRY,"outside of the U.S., immigrants quickly find out, 90% of people work long hours for small money here. The Polish work in either truck driving or construction. I just post news from the t.v.We have a condo near Kiev and would like to sell it, but who would buy now?
  3. stepanstas
    11th November 2014 05:03
    Michael. I'm not really clear on your objective here, as it seems to be post what you heard/read and dive. Our recurring members put in a lot of time and effort into this forum, and you're in no position to judge after joining for a few days. You are welcome to discuss and add value, but propaganda is largely ignored here. I have no idea what you're talking about. I called my family, they are fine. With that said Ukraine is fighting multiple wars. One physical one and one financial one. My hope is it will survive both.
  4. MichaelT
    7th November 2014 00:06
    Hello Stepanstas, It seems Hannia is a Russia basher more than an objective poster. I have only been here a few days and "No ONE" posts about Kiev! Only name calling and mean posts. My wife is from Kiev Oblast, and we did call today, The gas is on and the building is o.k.. A YouTube video showed protests about "no heat,gas, or electric", but KIEV paid the gas bill! What happens if one does not pay in New Jersey,"your gas gets turned off!" If people DO NOT get paid for months in anywhere, they get angry! Have you called family there, and are they GETTING PAID FOR WORK, or just promises? Michael near Chicago

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