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Cool romance free as well ?

Someone financially stable, debt, alchohol, drug, desease free. I like a man, who is devoted and loyal, who will never neglect me or put me on the back burner. A man, who is honest and affectionate, considerate, generous and attentive. Someone who will like travelling with me and enjoying exploring. Eventually I am looking for someone to make a life long commitment. Anyone who has a pornography addiction or alchohol addiction, or who is a pathological liar or not gainfully employed or someone who likes to sit in front of the TV all day long during the football season need not apply. [/B][/QUOTE]

Dear D.,

The job qualifications do call for an outstanding person, and before anyone fills out the application form I guess we all would like to know more about you than just that you like cooking and are very beautiful :
How many times were you married, who left whom, what happened to your son's father, why are you living in the States ? Are you offering a lifetime/parttime/oneyearonly/ job ?

Ukrainian women are known to be sometimes quite unreliable, thus the questions..( I mean, even less reliable then french men, and that is to say much...)
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