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Thumbs up Girlfriend-Its "Self Realisation"

girlfriend,just don't drink anything which is alcohol contaminated.Just keep to kefir which you describe is non-alcoholic.My friend Donquichotte is always a "Wiseman" and he had enlighten in a way to what Laryska's feels about drinking, that drinking is because of the past and while we were in college as you girlfriend we drank maybe for reasons we only knew because of what happened to us and it was stupid but just like my learned friends Donquichotte and Laryska says one must forget the past and drinking never takes us any where.You girlfriend have just done it and you are in the path of "Realisation".You have done it without drinking alcohol and in a way you have realised and that's what is "Self-Awareness and "Realisation".I suppose I was trying to tell you this that you are a self realised person afterall.Let me tell you girlfriend it is difficult to achieve what you have achieved that is "Self Awareness,Knowing Yourself and "Realisation" and that is knowing One's Self.That's what I was trying to tell you in the poem just meant for you only.I have no bad intentions for you whatsoever but to just share my views to you and I feel a bit qualified to do it because of my past experiences in life to maybe help you though you may not have any problems but to be a good friend to you also.I won't confuse you anymore but I will remember the "Kafir" and always give a thought about it.YOu girlfriend keep craving for your drinking that is "Kefir".Wonder why the sudden crave suddenly?Bye.
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