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Donquichotte,I have gone to many wine tasting sessions but I end up drinking wine just like how I drink my beers.The art of drinking wine is too time consuming and the added formality to wine drinking just makes me uncomfortable.
girlfriend,I suppose Kefir is Lassi which is commonly drunk by the Indians.Lassi is milk which is fermented and one could have it with or without sugar.Is that what you meant by Kefir? As for Vodka I don't really like it simply because you can keep drinking and drinking vodka and suddenly when it hits, you are caught unaware and at one time after drinking vodka I had entertained my friends to such an extent that I never realised I had done all those they described.Since then I have continued to drink what I had told you.So finally I have met one American girl who does not drink.Mr.Ulysess is surely going to be proud of you.By the way girlfriend how do you abstain from alcohol?I suppose you must be a true "Academician".
By the way Don,you are right, one must have dreams but in a sober state.Dreams in a sober state can not only be frustrating but most of the times disappointing.On the other hand dreams at a certain level of intoxication can be a great consolation but short lasting.But dreams as such must be powerful enough for it to become a reality.
"Dream what you dare to Dream
Do what you dare to do
And be what you dare to be."
DR.Walter Doyle Staples
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