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Unhappy Akward...Situation

Bingo,Ulysess you asked Irinka the most courageuos question, why she is not happy even with so many successful Ukrainian man in Canada?You, Ulysess is one of a dare devil to ask her that question. By the way why did you ask her that,I am just curious to know.I believe what she told, to every twenty Ukrainian females there is one male.To say it is unfair I sympathize with her for this akward situation to haven taken place in Ukraine.But to be honest this seems to be the scene in other countries too because there seems to be more women then man and the females find it hard to settle down in marriage because there is less man then woman eligible for marriage because of this situation.I am sure I got my facts right on what I just said.Wonder why God is creating more girls than boys? Well the Almighty God works mysteriously and I am sure He has his reasons for allowing this to happen. Rajkumar
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