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I agree with all of these observations. You have described my husband very well!!

They are very masculine and sexy.
--They are hard workers.
--They are always late.
--They all know how to fix a car. No matter what their profession, they could be part-time mechanics on the side.
--They have great stamina in bed.
--Their friends are close friends...they don't really have "acquaintances" or casual buddies like American men do.
--They prefer to show rather than tell, i.e., they don't engage in verbal analysis of the relationship or their feelings toward you.
Much is left unsaid.

They also do not brag about themselves!! They don't try to show everyone else up. They are also very intelligent!
My Husband does not smoke much and he hardly drinks at all.
By the way, I have a single brother in law, he is an attorney, 31 years old, handsome, and needs a nice girl!
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