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OUCH!!!! $75/day

She's either a big fool, or she thinks you are...jeez..
I visit Odessa very often, it's a more expensive city to live in, and most of my friends now (after working all their lives) have pretty luxurious apartments, the most in rent a month, for a 3-bedroom apartment with the Western-style utilities, spacious balcony, good area, is no more than $70-90/month.
Your Sweetie is milking you like a goat!
I remember I rented a hotel room at the "Black Sea" hotel for $20 a night- with shower, TV, balcony, 2 beds, and a phone (I like Spartan conditions while travelling. Only Lux-style rooms are around $75/night, and they have everything from Jacuzzi and free laundry service pick-up to the king-size bed and free cable TV (not mentioning the enormous balcony with comfortable beach chairs LOL)

I don't know what else to say, I have seen this kind of scamming before, you just have to do a little homework...
Do not, EVER use marriage agencies, go to Ukraine with another male friend and have a good time as tourists, look at the stunning architecture, visit museums, opera houses, the most famous Sea Port in Europe...etc.. There are a lot of women everywhere, some working at pizza places, some do the office thing, some lounging with their girlfriends at the countless beautiful cafes and doing homework while sipping on a milk-shake, you'll see them everywhere.
Most Ukrainian women are very friendly and conservative, you would never be bored, but be ready to discuss the arts, politics, ancient and modern history, culture, learning a few Russian words...etc..
Go and have fun, do not concentrate on specifically looking for someone, just be a tourist and make friends, good things happen when you do not expect it.

I'm sorry you ended-up in such a situation, I hope things improve for you next time


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