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Be Very Careful!


The girl I was speaking with from Lugansk never asked for any money and yet turned out to be a scammer. I contacted her as a different person and she sent exact same (auto-generated) emails! The black list website address that was posted in this thread will reveal to you that Lugansk is full of scammers so be very careful. I'm not saying that everyone there is a scammer though. Since, the girl that I was speaking with turned out to be a scammer so I don't have any problems revealing her name. Infact, I'll soon be publishing all this information on the Black List website as well. Her name is Victoria or Vika. There's a fair chance she also goes by the name Irina and Eve. The Agency is called "Agency Journey" and "Heart's Journey".

$75 rental/day does sound too high. You can find websites of private investigators that specialize in background checks in CIS countries. They charge from $100-$500 however, I would hire a private investigator as the last resort when I've done my own investigation such as writing to the girl as a different person, sending/receiving a snail mail to verify her address, talking to her on phone...always give surprise calls...never pre-arrange a call. Ask her what she does on weekends. Maybe, she'll say she's usually home. Give her a few surprise calls early in the morning and late at night especially on weekends, ask questions in emails and then repeat the same questions during phone conversations to match the answers etc. etc.

Good Luck!
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