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Thanks for the info - I am still looking through it, lots to read. Just wanted to say one thing at this point, I think some of these stories are more about the guy thinking something is fishy when the woman may have been genuine. On the other hand, many are definitely real cons. I sure hope I can figure out mine - sounds like Lugansk is a chancy place, but she is the one I picked after reading so many profiles. At this point I'm starting to think that she was one of the cons and then changed her mind midstream and started to get interested in me - hmmm, I don't think I would go for that if that's the case. But she does dress conservatively, and she says she can forgive a mistake but not a lie - so it seems she is honest. I have been paying $5/letter for translation, which I originally offered to do, she never asked. But the English courses ($400+) and apartment rental ($75/day) seems high for a country where someone makes $40/month - or is this normal?

I guess I'm getting signals both ways...
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