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About the girl from Lugansk:

Was her name Valusha? Because on the site I posted she is listed as a scammer.

Interestingly, the guy who posted about her was named DAVE. Here is one of her letters to him:

"Hi, my lovely David, Thank you for your beautiful letter, my darling. I have a problem now, and you are the only man, who I can share my problem with. I trust you and I love you with all my heart. I got into the difficult situation. As you know I was in the hospital, I spend a lot of money for it, because the treatment is very expensive. I paid 430$ for my treatment. But my salary is very small , last month I earned 80$, and that's why I borrowed 430$ to cover my hospital expenses. But today I met the person, who lent me the money, and he said, that he needs his money back immediately, and I should return them during 48 hours. He demands his money back. I don't know what to do. I am very desperate. My parents saved some money, but it is too little, about 100-110$. Sweetheart, can you borrow me the rest of this sum, 320$? I know it is a great sum of money, but I don't know what to do. I don't ask you to present me this sum, I ask you to borrow. My parents have a small house in the country side, and now they are selling it. As soon as I sell the house, I will return you the money. I promise. But know I need this money, 320$. Can you help me, sweetheart, or not? I am very disappointed about this situation, and it is a shame for me to ask you for money, but I need them very urgently. If you don't help me with the money, I will understand you, because every person has his problem and he should overcome it on his own. But if you decide to help me, can you send the money via Western Union, on the address: Ukraine, Lugansk, on the name of Valentina Mironenko. Please, reply as soon as you can, because I need to know your response very soon, Please, don't leave me alone with my problems, Love you, Kiss you tenderly, Valentina. "

I found it here, it also has pictures of her:

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