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hi there as i see you are from flx
me too!!!!!!!!!!and i live in the host family house and they are pretty cool but my mom is a ***** you know but my brother is 17 as me and we get together pretty cool and i don't want to leave you know i just broke up with my boyfriend and i am depressed you know
you can babysit and do this kind of work but not much i get4100 per week and this of course not enough you know i think this is sad but my family pays forost of my stuff but don;t hope for it ok because families are all different but you can live you know
food is ..... fat a lot of fat i'm trying really hard to keep my weight so where are you going you know yet? write me i have more time now
our play was awesome and people laughed sooooo much i thnk this is the best ting e did this year i loved the cast and crew we are all like family for this week ok write me
break a leg as we say in thearte
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