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Hi Cool Girl,
I am from Ukraine! Came to the U.S. 4 years ago. I speak Russian, not Ukrainian, because I'm from Sevastopol, Crimea. What city are you from in Ukraine?
The 800 phone number is a special number. We don't have such a thing in Ukraine. It is special becuase it's free for you, no matter what place you are calling from (within US of course). Here in the U.S., if you call other state, you have to pay a long distance fee (~10 cents/min or so). But with a 800 number, it's free. That's why I gave it to you, so that you can call me from any place in the U.S. for free, if needed.
Do you have your email address?
Here is mine:
Feel free to email me. Mozhesh' pisat' po-russki. :-)
Take care,

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