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Whoa, Tonto.

I'm tempted to agree with Holland. High cheekbones

But you're all on this kick about women and cooking. I'm currently "searching" for a woman from either Russia or a former Soviet state (not on this forum, thank you very much but my reasoning is not because I'm looking for someone to cook for me. haha....

I've dated plenty of American women. Most cooked when we (meaning she and I) agreed that she would. Sometimes I cooked. Sometimes we went out to dinner. Cooking was never a chore assigned to her and her specifically. It was more of a "Hey, you want to wash dishes or cook tonight?" And the other decided what they wanted. Game over.

I'm stunned that Lina (who is presumably a female) would say "find yourself another girlfriend!" when she heard that jouxster implied about how western women don't like to cook. I'd figure to hear her slam him for saying cooking is not necessarily a female's job responsibility. Most women tend to react negatively when you mention the word "woman" and "kitchen" in the same sentence - calling you chauvinistic or outdated. Or both.

If you REALLY want to know more about why western men (myself included) seek women from the Ukraine, Russia, etc...go to and this thread:

I don't feel like reinventing the wheel and typing for another 3 hours. Go read that. It's a good read - on this topic.


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