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A visa is a legal means of entry

In an earlier post a UN agency is reported to have written:
Increased border restrictions and lack of accessible legal ways to reach Europe have caused refugees and migrants to take more “diversified and dangerous journeys,” such as relying on people-smugglers or using flimsy boats to cross rough seas, a new report by the United Nations refugee agency has revealed.

There has always been a legal method of entering a nation (or group of nations in the case of Schengen) it is called a visa which is obtained from the consulate or a contracted agent to receive visa applications. There is a fee to be paid and the various countries demand certain evidence of suitability to enter their nation. It takes several days to process the application and many countries have severe conditions to be satisfied that often result in the visa application being refused without refund of the fee.

I assume the UN feel that it is unpractical for a real refugee to comply with the above on the grounds that he may not have the potentially large funds for the visa application fee, or that the refugee in fear of his life and doesn't have time to await the visa application outcome, or he would be putting himself at risk by attending a visa application building as local regime police were overseeing that visa office entrance, that war had broken out and that the visa office had closed or was destroyed etc.

I am sure that most genuine refugees ensure they have forms of identity documentation on their person to substantiate their claim. However a significant number of "refugees" deliberately dispose of their identification so that the false declarations they make concerning their status cannot be easily disproved and neither can they be deported back to their countries of origin if it has not been determined. In this case I believe a country is justifiable to keep such persons and their children in detention in a not too pleasant environment on the grounds that they are illegal migrants until they can give verbal statements from which their true identity can be hopefully verified and thus their future processing can be determined.
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