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In response to Dobko

George Soros was funder of organisations acting against communist injustice in Europe before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He continued to fund organisations who he hoped would aid the development of democracy and free media in those years following the collapse of communism and the subsequent vacuum of honest and politically mature leadership in those former European communist satellite states. As an example, as former communist leadership used their previous establishment power to continue their roles under a different style regime Soros, concerned that these leaders would take them back into a form of "socialism" funded budding democracy movements with the resources to set up independent media (printing presses and newsprint paper etc) to counter that media already in the power of former communists. I think that countries such as Hungary and to a lesser degree Romania benefitted from his intervention.

Concerning today's refugee situation, I have no doubt that Soros is funding organisations that support refugees and economic migrants who are displaced and in need. I have not read enough to know about how such funds intervene in this support process, but I have not seen any evidence so far that Soros is supporting people traffickers or any other illegal organisations. Perhaps Dobko you could enlighten me if this is the case.

This position does not however put me in the "refugees" welcome camp as is evident by my previous posts within this thread. When I was in Iraq and Syria (before the recent wars) I noted whilst walking in the streets that everyone appeared to be under 30 years of age. As I was employed in import/export and logistics at that time I understood that more than 60% of food was having to be imported (probably more than 70% now). I understood that their ability to reproduce themselves was exceeding their ability to sustain themselves and thus not withstanding their ability to fight among their tribes and religious sects, that at some point in time they would have to march north to greener pastures in order to survive.

The same could be said about huge swathes of Africa. However, not only is a bourgeoning population bringing those same problems as mentioned above, but it is aggravated by the lifestyles of distant populations. In richer and colder energy consuming countries, this pollution is undeniably creating climate change meaning that dry areas are getting drier and regions subject to tropical rains are being subject to floods that take away the topsoil. Both of these situations reduce crop growth. Furthermore too many of these African states suffer Yanukovych type leadership within these poor countries and wealth is taken out from these economies.

Given everything I have written above, it is compensatory that whilst at 73 years of age my future life is limited, I will not have to face the future dilemma that I believe faces western and northern states. Only true optimists believe that modern agricultural development can feed the world based on present population growth and climate change trends. The only answer to this oversupply of superfluous population is fertility control. Even in the industrialised world mechanisation and computerisation is removing the need of workers. Even if a region can feed its population, if it cannot keep them usefully employed they will become dysfunctional and excessively troublesome, resulting in incoherence and division.

Thus, in the short term those countries closest to the current migration problem probably in Europe have the best idea to erect fences to keep illegal travellers out. The European Union cannot face up to this problem in Europe and individual EU states will have to determine their own actions to safeguard their own state's well being.
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