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I can't talk to him... You kidding me?!? I am sleeping with the enemy and his misogynist side of jeckle and Hyde comes and goes. He's always right my opinion means nothing to him. I'm just here to do his laundry,cook,clean,pleasure him when his hand gets boring. I have no life and the more I read about his mental state the more I wana see counseling for myself. This bastard has muniplitated me and I don't know who I am anymore. Want to get revenge and staple a sign to his forehead saying" I'm a narsassistic misogynist"! I want to warn girls about guys like him. He makes my ex look like a saint! They say not to change the way I act toward him if I'm planning to leave... So wtf do I do? So lost and scared. Hel twist this around to make me look like the bad one. Ugh!
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