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Well that's another name iv never heard of before, misogynist, wow fits him perfectly too, along with narsassist , their kind of the same thing! Only difference is he always pays for dinner but will throw it in my face later in a fight about something stupid. Always says " I put you on a pedalstal, and take care of you" and so on. Aliways has to act like he's on a high horse kick and talk like he's some kind of God or something and expects people to bow down to him. This relationship is toxic and I'm trying to find the courage to leave, but it's been hard. I will catch him doing something wrong and that will be my way out. If I could get to his phone that will tell me everything. But he has his emails locked, which is weird for I phone, but he knows I know the passcode to his phone but won't give me the chance to be alone with itt......MIND GAMES!,,,Pretty sad. Have to investigate my own boyfriend. Thank you again for your iv never knew these kinds of people existed thanks to you I do know now.
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