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Thank you for your inputs. That's my problem, I have a huge heart and he took advantage of it so it seems. He's charming and total opposite of my ex. My friends loved him at first and then he found a way to dislike them cuz they didn't praise him like he's some kind of God or something. I really think I'm dealing with a narsassist and master muniplitater. Says he loves me constantly but if I have a problem or opinion of something he's doing wrong than he calls me the worst names In the book. Maybe I need counseling for all the mental abuse. Lol I just didn't know if this is normal for UK men cuz Iv read about their stereotypes from a woman on this forem and he fits everything except the smoking he doesn't smoke and he loves his tequila sometimes. He said his 2 biggest downfalls were woman and tequila. Maybe he's a insecure gigalo? Fits that description too. Wow. I found someone with all the wrong signs but am attached to him for some reason? Hmmm well guess this is a tough one. Don't know if I'm the only girl out there in the world to experience this kind of person but knowing his nationality from the beginning wouldn't of made me think I was the crazy psycho that he says I am. Went from my ex that didn't work to one that works very hard and is a turn on for most women here in the U.S. Lol go figure.
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