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First of all, and the most important, what I will write below should not be considered negative nor positive. It is simply neutral and doesn't have to strictly concern that topic.

Saying that nationality doesn't interface with personal traits is not definitely accurate. Or, to be more precise, not nationality but being brought up in particular cultural field defines our character features and how we behave, how we live, what we think about some topics (mostly controversial, like religion, politics or sexuality). Same goes with attitude toward relationships, marriage etc.

Why that happens? In the past people who lived in particular kulturkreises had not much choice - they lived as rulers said, as their beliefs said and as the interpretors of their "holy books" said. In European Catholic countries we had Inquisition with their "Malleus Maleficarum", who burned people alive, tortured them etc. What could have a common non-Catholic think about someone who came from Spain? Well, probably very religious guy. Today it is a bit different, but "a bit" only because we have an illusion of freedom. Information we get are quite similar to information our ancestors had - only one-sided. What forms our behaviour and way of living is called "media". We see on TV how we should live. We see other people, who are liked, and we want to be like them. But in different parts of the world different people are shown as authority figures. We are in better position than our ancestors, however. We still have a choice - to live as others (for example in Poland be a Roman Catholic, but anticlerical, complain on everything, say "kurwa" thrice in a sentence), or live as yourself, not as a copy of someone. We can search for different information, avoid TV. Unfortunately, people are mostly stuffed with some images and want to follow.

There is also a tradition. Also stereotypes, which are false only in ~90%, but still 10% is a bit of truth. There are many things that make people different and are creating a culture. For example, I've noticed (and many people from other parts of the world) that Poles are more distant from other nationalities. We are a bit gloomy and perceived as sad people who like to complain, while other nations are more open. And this is actually very similiar to the problem mentioned in this topic - some character features are general for the nation. Obviously, not everyone is the same, however I am talking about majorities.

If someone is brought up in one cultural circle, she/he will mostly probably follow all these images as they were a part of people's personality. And still are. If we see something in Germany and then go to e.g. Moldova, we will see that there are different ways of thinking and ways of living. Different rules, different traditions.

Conclusion: where we were brought up influences our behaviour.

However, on topic 100%, I cannot say how Ukrainian men are perceiving such stuff as relationship, but all those who I met are rather positive. In case of relationship most important than cultural circle is how we were brought up as human beings, not as people of some nations. Also our personal observations, afterthoughts... nationality is less important here, so there is no one rule.
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