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Originally Posted by AkMike View Post
Sorry about your choice Uno. But all UA women aren't like that. Don't paint them all based on just one. My wife is 'normal' from all the ladies from UA that I know and she doesn't have any problems with jealousy.

But then I don't give her reason to be jealous.

She will routinely call me 'her Lord and Master' in public and I always call her 'my Lady and Queen'. It does tend to get AW upset but we feel this way and show it in everyday life. I always open doors for her and chide her if she even touches the door handle before I get around to the other side of the car.

We're already at the 10 year mark at being together forever!
AW? American Women?

I have same relationship with my Ukrainian fiance, so maybe should not paint all American Women with same brush.
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