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Smile Where to meet single and educated Ukrainian men in Kyiv?

It seems like it is a desert.

I am a 30+ ngo manager and I used to be with my colleague from work since Maidan times. But as many revolutionary loves this one also got scattered, not a clue why actually as I am not committing any typical mistakes.

So I am in a situation when I ask myself should I leave my job and set for another country? But I made it so far already, I achieved a lot, I have nice friends, I speak the language, finally my PhD thesis is connected with the particular aspects of political hurdles in the country and all my career as an analyst too.

I do not want to pack my suitcase and go. I like this country. But I do not want to be forever expatriate so I'd love to find an educated Ukrainian guy somewhere.... yeah but where?

Unfortunately I have the same routine every day, work, home, work, home etc. Neverending story. Not much time for any open lectures or other Kyiv Mohyla actyvities, yet I do sometimes go there.

But for some reason I am invisible... I do not understand why. Before, wherever I was even in my native country (Poland) I had considerable amount of attention and didn't even have to search much.

Now I really do not know what's gonna be...

So, ok didn't mean to open up so much and bore you with my story. But will appreciate any advice
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