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Despite the problems with internet dating it can and does work BUT you need to set realistic goals.

Yup a 23 year old hottie is fantastic for the ego for a while or until reality sets in. I'm fast approaching 10 years towards being married together forever with my internet sweetie.
You'll need to go there and meet them face to face within a couple of months. No they can't come and meet you at this point. Visa problems as well as the costs.
Follow these 10 commandments and it'll help.
1.Never send money to someone you have not met.
2.Always have a back-up plan
3.Work to eliminate any agency from your communications.
4.Always get the lady's home address and home phone number as early as possible.
5.Verify the ladies you are writing are real.
6.Do not fall in love with photos!!
7.Always be yourself. Show the ladies the real you. Be truthful. Use current photos.
8.Do not rush into this! Take your time and be methodical, not impulsive, about this process.
9.Treat international dating the same as dating someone from your home country. The biggest difference is the cost (travel, phone. etc). This is an expensive process. Don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise.


Never use an agency that charges to translate or charges per letter. They rack up the $$$ for themselves.

If you want some serious guidance PM me.

KRAP I just noticed that this Boyka brought up a necrothread....
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