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Originally Posted by Ronaldinho View Post
I agree that it is risky when you search or start a relationship with a lady with whom the age difference is too high. I tried it one time and I paid the price for it. If she is much younger and especially when she wants to get out from a bad situation, then her motives for choosing a much older man could be wrong. I wrote an article about age differences between a man and a woman, it is too long to place it here, you can read all about it if you go to my website Blog - Dating Women Ukraine
Good luck on the road of love, Ronald
You make all kinds of assumptions about age that are probably not valid. I can give you examples.

Lets take an age difference that is between 0-2 years. You are 27 she is 30 Your response will be no problem they are the same age. Yes but your answer will be likely wrong if haven't factored in what is more important than age. That is what stage of life are you in.

Lets give the rest of the story. He is single, never married no kids 27 She is 30 with a child she had when she was married at 16 and her child is now 14. This could pose a serious problem in the relationship. He has no experience with kids. This means he is used to the idea of going and doing whenever he wants. As a married couple he wont be able to do that with his wife because she has a kid that is going to be a teen in years.

Lets look at example #2 He is 45 and she is 23 You're instinct and rules Too big of an age difference it wont work. In many cases this will likely prove to be true.

However in a case where she is 23 and has a 6 year old and he is 45 has 3 kids from a previous marriage ages 6,7 and 8 those 22 years mean nothing because both people are exactly at the same place in life. Raising young children.

How do I know #2 is right? Because I just described me and my wife we met 10 years ago in Odessa and the problem I had was everyone anywhere near my age had kids that were either in the last 2 years of high school or had just started college and the women were not interested in raising smaller children.

Stage in life compatibility is far, far, far more important than any age difference. Why does the relationship of the man 69 work with his 45 year old wife? Their kids are grown and out of the house and she is "done" with having and raising kids.

Now a 52 year old man who has grown kids dating a 30 year old woman with a 14 year old will likely be a problem because they are not at the same place unless the 52 year old has teenagers.

But the 52 year old who has kids that are grown, married and have their own kids WILL be a problem.... again the 52 year old is a grandfather while his wife is still raising a teenager...

The reason people cite age difference is that in 'most' cases people who are 15 years apart are at very different places in life in terms of the stage of life they are at. Stage of life is the key, not age difference
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