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Originally Posted by shootfighter65 View Post
I am an American guy. Moderately successful. I have dated some here since my divorce. I am in very good shape and take good care of myself. I am considered attractive and its very easy for me to date women here in their mid 20's to mid 30's if I choose. I chose to look abroad because I'm looking for a more traditional woman. I have been corresponding with an attractive woman thats 34 years old...I am 47.
Look I'm a realist. My guess is if you dont have game in the states your not going to have game in the Ukraine. Any guy thats 50 thinking he's going to hook up with a 21 year old and shes not in it for the money is delusional and thats a recipe for disaster. I have seen some of the youtube videos of fat guys that look 70 trying to get 25 year old girls....thats just creepie. These guys have serious issues.
So far Mordinsons has done an excellent job. I was seriously cautious when I started. After I received answers from some women from my intro letter I was still not sure. I returned a generic letter that was mostly cut and paste. Michael immediately emailed me to inform me i should personalize my letter and I didnt answer some of the girls questions. I was very impressed with that and believed that a scammer wouldn't do that. He also informed me that two of the girls I was interested in were close friends and that I should choose one of them to write to. More bonus points. Something I also believed a scammer wouldn't care about.
So far out of the girls I have written to there is one I get a good feeling from. She answers all my letters promptly. always sends regular everyday photos of her in her daily life. We have spoken on the phone and she seems genuine and sincere.
She is also very blunt in her questioning which I can understand.
Has anyone else used this agency? I sincerely hope I'm on the right track here. This is going to be an expensive endeavor. thanks
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