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Lugansk awaits its future

I know little about Sverdlovsk as I have never been there, but you can learn much about it by entering the name in the Google search line. You say you have sent her flowers? I would refrain from this. Some people may object to her being in communication with an American and could intimidate her. This region is becoming more anti-west daily. The Ukrainian TV stations have been removed from terrestrial transmission and have been replaced by Russian channels. Consequently the USA and the EU are now shown as supporters of Kiev and thus facilitators of the Ukraine tanks opening fire on pro-Russian strongholds.

Today, there are no sounds of heavy gunfire so far in Lugansk. I heard that a cease fire had been agreed to enable both sides to recover their dead combatants. However, I would imagine that both sides are taking the opportunity to regroup their positions, to start from a new strongpoint when ready.

There is speculation that the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics are in contact with Moscow asking President Putin to intervene. There are also reports of heavy armoured columns on the move within Russia towards the Ukraine border. The internet is awash with propaganda and rubbish. According to some ******* who says he is in Canada, I am a ghost. Apparently Lugansk was raised to the ground with its citizens killed by the nazi fascist junta troops from Kiev.
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