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Gotno Gizmo, Thanks for the reply! I know it's not what I wanted to hear but like you say it is the reality. I very much appreciate your advice. I also noted that the US State Department has a travel advisory against traveling to Eastern Ukraine. I have no immediate plans to go there. I was even considering the extreme of having her go through the refugee process through UNHCR… The other option would be to sponsor her through a K-1 Fiance visa… that would require me to meet her at least once in Ukraine (unless I can prove hardship, contradiction to custom etc.) but whatever it is, I hope I don't lose her!! We have really gotten close in the past month… and we continue to communicate closely. I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best!

Is Sverdlovsk a remote area? I wanted to send her flowers and many would not want to go there, party due to the unrest…and others would charge a LOT of moony to deliver.. I had no idea things were that bad. Finally I was able to locate a florist online who was able to deliver. I was excited! She was too.

Anyway, thanks much for the response and advice!
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