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You must be patient because much of eastern Ukraine is a virtual war zone. Some pro-Russian activists (mostly Chechins) are reported to be looting food stores because they have not been paid. Here in Lugansk two pro-Russian activists attempted to rob a bank, but I believe they were shot. Those activists that are 100% Donbas fighters (local men) are genuinely fighting for Russian unification and are being killed everyday along with usually lesser number of Ukrainian forces soldiers. I believe that if the situation continues even the most ardent pro-Russian citizens will begin to see the misery that they are bringing upon themselves.

As a USA citizen It would be foolish of you to come any further east than Kharkiv as Americans are no longer popular here. You can only wait, for if your lady is interested enough she will find ways to maintain irregular contact. But be aware that the desire for a young Ukraine woman to exit Ukraine is probably more intense than it has ever been and you should consider this factor in her approaches to you if and when you meet. Also consider that getting visas for Ukraine spouses or fiancees is a difficult and lengthy process (scan personals in this website).

All this may not be what you wish to hear, but it is the reality at this time.
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