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Seeking help, advice for a beautiful girl in Sverdlovsk

I have been communicating with this beautiful girl from Sverdlovsk, Luhansk region.I met her on an old fashioned dating site (not one of those high profile sites, ones that constantly require you to buy credits to watch her video, or to talk to her etc.!). And yes, I understand there are scams out there too. I am well read on that but at some point one has to believe…. We have been communicating, exchanging emails and we have even talked 3-4 times, although briefly. She seems like a nice old fashioned girl, coming from a non-metropolitan area. Having lost both her parents when she was just 2 years, her grandmother raised her and she's very close to her. She goes to visit her every weekend.

Last week I talked to her, she said she has some bad news. She said she might have to move (or might be moved) and may not be able to keep in touch with me because of the unrest, shootings and violence going on in Sverdlovsk. She said she'll always keep my contact info. and will always be in touch. I was worried. But she now seems to be back to work (at a children's art school as an art teacher). I am worried for her safety as she says there is quite a bit of fighting going on there with tanks and soldiers and all. For me the frustrating thing is, even though one can scour the internet for disturbances in major areas such as Donetsk, there's almost nothing on the net about Sverdlovsk. She said she's very worried about her safety as there are bombings going on in the area, there are wounded soldiers and civilians in her area, etc. - Never having to deal with anything like this before and never having any association with anyone in this situation (so close to battle / violence), for me, sitting here in California, US, this seems like right out of the movies… (not make light out of the situation).

Is there anyone here from that region?

I would love to get her out of there as soon as possible but I have a feeling it's not going to be that easy. I am already exploring ways but I would love to get to know people here in the forum who share similar concerns or people who are from that area, who have been to that area / familiar with the area to chat with, get some advice etc.

Thank you vey much!
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