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Benefits of a travel history

As part of the previous relationship evidence travel together is definitely a good step. It proves, among other things the financial ability to fund such activities. It also puts date stamp evidence in the Ukrainian citizens passport that should be supported by photographs of the couple together, preferably with identifiable, or convincing backgrounds confirming that visit. Travel history is significant to the Ukrainian visa applicant for providing evidence of return to Ukraine each time the traveller has exited the country. It seems that the overwhelming concern, certainly with the USA and UK visa applications that the Ukrainian citizen is seeking to enter their country and thereafter stay, albeit illegally.

A word of warning about submission of email printouts passed between the couple offered with the visa application as evidence of ongoing relationship. All supporting documentation is scrutinised in detail. Applicants should be careful not to submit anything that could become a contentious issue (the sponsor in UK mentioning anything indicative of minor problem with his ex-wife, or a housing issue; or any other such personal matters by the Ukrainian spouse/fiancée).

The current situation in Ukraine, if it continues to worsen, will do little to improve the already difficult situation for Ukrainians to gain certain visas, even though they may be sponsored.
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