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Thanks for posting about your experience, Daniel. I, like you, have always been uncomfortable trying to get to know, or to be interested in more than one woman at a time, it feels unnatural.

I decided to be honest with all the women, despite a Ukraine-based marriage agency's advice not to tell. The first woman seemed a little upset, but she got over it quickly, still wants to meet, and does not bring up the other women at all. We are corresponding as normal, and have shared postal addresses, email addresses and full names. If I had to guess at this point, I would say that she is the one I am most comfortable with and perhaps not coincidentally, closest to my age.

The remaining women know they are not the only ones, yet they also want to meet. Things could change as we get to know each other over the next 3 months. Some I seem more compatible with than others, and I am in various stages of sharing information with each of them. So far, things are going very well. My plan is to narrow it down to just two or three ladies to meet, and from those, one lady to pursue a dating relationship with. Ultimately, I think dating will span multiple trips to Ukraine, and for her to possibly come to the US as well. It will have to be right between us, or I will come home empty-handed, and I am fully prepared for that. I don't know when or if a proposal will occur, I try not to think about it - if it happens, I hope it will come naturally, and not feel forced.

Thanks for the concern about safety - I have insurance on my trip if something happens and I decide not to go. I still want to go, even with the troubles, but I am hoping that the unrest will be diminished in three months. I do not plan on going out of the hotel much unaccompanied by one or more Ukrainians, and hopefully I won't look like I have a target on my back! I have found a reliable English-speaking travel agency that offers many services for visiting foreigners at reasonable prices, like interpreters, transportation, side trips and dinner reservations and such. They are telling me that many foreigners are still visiting Kharkov safely. But, we shall see how it is in August.

Thanks again for your reply!
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