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stepanstas said, "How do you think #2 and #3 found out about your trip? (Also, its funny to refer to them by numbers, but it's logical here :-))"

Yes, kind of like The Dating Game TV game show from the 1960's/70's! I know the numbers sound weird, but I did not want to use their names.

The newer women found out about my trip because I told them I was planning to come before it occurred to me that the one I talked to first might be hurt(d'oh!). I read some comments about Ukrainian women being jealous, so I thought I should get some advice before I just told #1 about it. Ultimately, I am uncomfortable with anything that could be construed as a deception, so if I decide to arrange to meet all three women, everyone will know far in advance that's what will happen. I thought if the situation were reversed, and a woman was coming to America to spend time with me and I found out she was also meeting others here, I would be disappointed.

Lady #1 is closest to my age and I like her the best so far. I know the most about her, and it seems we really click! Everything she has told me so far has checked out, and I feel confident she is being straight with me. I really enjoy our letters and our chats, and she is not pushing to hurry for any reason. She says I need to come to Ukraine, we should decide together if we will continue, and I must meet her family and friends. She will then need to come here and visit to see how/where I live, meet my family, etc. It sounds as if she has her priorities in order, and she seems as cautious as I hope I am.

I am interested in finding a Slavic woman because I have been divorced for 11 years and I've not found anyone in the US during that time that was going to work long-term for me. Add to that the personalities and values of two married ladies I know, colleagues from Ukraine and Russia, and I was inspired to look for my match there. Besides being an exciting adventure, finding my match on the other side of the planet in a completely different culture is terribly romantic. It is also a great reason to travel and see a place I've never been.

Sorry for this novel I've written, but I am pumped up about my solo trip! I don't like the idea of marrying someone closer to my daughter's age than mine, as beautiful and willing as they may be. I want someone that has had the same kind of life experiences I have. I want someone that's my emotional peer, my partner in life, a companion to travel with, and for us to get old together, wherever we end up. I feel that if there is anything that seems sordid, or morally wrong with this, then it will taint the whole deal. I want my match to feel as lucky to have me as I will feel getting her.

Thank you for your post, and I will write about how this turns out. My friendly Slavic colleagues are encouraging me to write a story or blog about the whole experience; they guarantee I will have some great stories to tell!
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