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Question traveling to Kharkov, meeting several women, any advice?

Hello all.
This is my first post on this site, and it is in advance of my first trip to Ukraine. I have an airline ticket and hotel reservations to go spend a week in Kharkiv this summer. I am sure I could have picked a better time, but the troubles in Eastern Ukraine didn't flare up until a few days after I purchased my ticket. I do have insurance that I can use to cancel my trip for any reason(beyond the covered ones) and at least get 75% of my ticket cost back.

Note that I am not trying to find an incredibly young woman half my age, I don't want a housewife to make and raise babies, and I want an equal partnership, a real romance. I have also suggested that she continue to pursue her career in America, or I will even consider moving to Ukraine. Also, I realize that multiple trips will need to be made to properly romance my lady, and I am prepared not to be disappointed if things do not work out as expected. At least it will be a unique vacation, an adventure! :-)

This is my trip to Ukraine situation:
4 weeks ago, I met a 47 year old woman(#1) in Kharkov online through an agency. I am 52. We have hit it off like gangbusters, better than anyone else I've ever met online. This is what spurred my ticket purchase and hotel booking. We chat and email four or five times each week, not quite every day, but often. Both of us can't wait until the time comes, about 16 more weeks. I get very good feelings from her and she's stayed positive and given me the feeling that this will be ok. We have traded full names and postal addresses, and everything seems on the level so far. Oh, and she says she has an interpreter in mind, but she has not been insistent about it.

My situation is, that this week I was contacted by two different women in Kharkov that I have talked to before, but I thought they weren't interested; #2 is 40 years old and #3 is 44, and we have also have had very good experiences online. I would like to meet them also on this trip. They both know I will be there this summer, but #2 does not yet know that I may meet others during the week, and #3 was told today about the others, but I have not yet gotten her reaction.

Woman #1 has assumed she will be the only one I am visiting at this point, and I do plan to tell her about the others, but I don't know how this will be received. I want to be honest and respectful with everyone about my intentions...woman #1 is in the lead for my heart, but #2 and I have made a great connection. #3 is new to me, thus I chose to tell her first. What should I do? Am I running a risk of losing them all by trying to meet multiple people on one trip(like a tour)? Is any of this a good idea?

I specifically did not take a "tour" trip, because it's just not my style, so I'm winging it. I found a travel agency through that has all the services a la carte I will need to have a good time. Does anyone have advice about any aspect of my trip and situation?

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