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Hello - This is my first time on this site and I have already visited the Ukraine in November of 2013. I have met a wonderful lady and we have spent a week together there and have talked almost everyday since I have returned. I am heading back to see her in 2 weeks. I am very excited and she seems to be as well. She is also started taking English lessons and I am taking Russian Lessons (Wow talk about a culture lessons)

I have a similar experience as Tracker above, but the major differences are I am 45 and she is 34, she has never asked me to pay for things except for a few things that went without saying (dinners, taxi's, interpreter, etc.) normal dating things. I did buy her a computer as I know that computers they have there and can afford are old and slow. After I left she spilled tea on it and burned it up, she felt so bad and was afraid I was going to be upset. I smiled and told her accidents happen. She then went on to tell me she had been saving for a car one day, but she needed to talk to me she used that money to buy another computer and would not take money from me to pay for the replacement.

I know I have been exposed to the American ways for 45 years and learning the different cultures, which I am liking the core values as a breath of fresh air. But as Tracker stated above, I am not sure how to read the signs. My girl does not like to hold hands in public, or even kiss, and of course intimacy is out. I do not care about the intimacy (well I am a guy but can live without for now if this is all real) but just the small things such as holding hands or touching and of course kissing. I am used to the kissing and touching, this was a sign of the direction of the relationship. I really like this girl and I want to do the right thing for the culture. And most importantly learn the culture.

I am just looking for advice so I can get my head on straight.

Thanks - Roy
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