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Thanks for the info, Gizmo. Before going the next time, I'll make sure I'm better prepared.

Also, to the other two respondents, you make it sound like I picked the "all Ukrainian women knowing how to speak Russian" thing out of the sky and made it my assumption. I formed this opinion simply by talking to other Ukrainian women. My opinion on just about anything Ukrainian was formed in this way. If the language used to conduct most business in the South and the East of the country (getting that from Ukrainians and not my own opinion) is Russian, it just seems really odd that a woman from that region wouldn't speak it. That was my only point. As far as her just not wanting to speak it, do you have any idea why? I mean, when I do something odd, I usually have some kind of reasoning behind it.

Sure, I was probably taken, and that's okay with me. It was a fun experience, and it's not like this month I'm not going to be able to pay my mortgage because of it.
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