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I would not have embarked on a journey to Ukraine until I had established contact with a lady that I was able to communicate without an interpreter. When you involve interpreters you involve money, and money distorts the purpose of the meeting because financial rather than social benefits are involved.

1. I was able to write to my lady through internet email as a first step.
2. Secondly I arranged a meeting on Skype to ensure that we were mutually attracted to one another.
3. That she was able to speak enough English unaided for a relationship to be able to commence between us.
4. I asked for her mobile phone number so I could send her an SMS during the day.
5. Once confirming she had a house fixed line telephone, I called her on that telephone also.
6. I said I wanted to send her a romantic greeting by post and asked for her address (in latin and cyrillic characters).
7. When the posted letter had arrived,I asked her to show me the envelope of the greeting card during a Skype conversation.

Only now was I prepared to commit myself to the journey to Ukraine, fairly confident that my new relationship had genuine substance and that there was a very strong possibility that she would be impatiently awaiting my arrival.

I met my lady via the website that I would definitely recommend. You can register and compose your own profile with photos for free. You are cross checked by an SMS to your mobile and given a code number to input for verification.

You can then browse an impressive selection of ladies and can write brief SMS length introductory messages for free. If a lady is of particular interest, one has to buy credits to pay for longer messages and more credits to actually exchange email addresses, telephone numbers etc. Or you can continue writing to one lady, as I did, to learn enough about one another until the credit spend (around $25 USD) of messages gets you the personal info anyway.

There are many other dating websites that have a high scam rate and you must be on your guard. Warning signs are women with hard luck stories asking for money. Asking for train or other expenses to meet you in Kiev. You pay the money and of course the lady usually is not there to meet you. The address she gave you doesn't exist and her mobile number is nor registered to anyone!

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