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Originally Posted by DriveMeFar View Post
I recently returned from my first trip to Ukraine. I went there looking to meet women with a possibility of marriage in the future. I had a connection with one of the girls I met in Nikolaev. This is one of the regions where most business and social contact is done in Russian. Anyway, she wanted a translator because she spoke no English. My Russian is decent, but it's not like I'm fluent enough to speak about anything and everything. When I met the girl, I greeted her in Russian (Здравствуй, мне очень приятно познакомиться с тобой). I got no reaction from her. My pronunciation is good, so no one would have a problem understanding me. A few other times throughout the evening, I used Russian because I enjoy speaking it. Again, she waited for the translation into Ukrainian. Is it even possible for a young woman who grows up in this region to speak little or no Russian? Could she have other reasons for feigning ignorance?
Yes, its possible. Frankly, its ignorant on your part to make such assumptions.

It's also possible that she just didn't want to. For us, it would be speculation.

It's also possible that she wanted to rip you off. In which case, she probably succeeded. No offense, but your story sounds like many others.
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